The Search for the Best Dress (Non-Bridal Edition)

Hello pretty ladies.

This post is dedicated to the most overwhelming dress shopping experience I had to date! I’m sure we could all relate.

I was invited to my friend’s engagement party a couple of months ago and when I received the e-vite,  I remember it being “so far away”. When I realized that I had 3 days to shop for a dress, all hell broke loose. It was the MOST overwhelming shopping experience for me and if you know me, shopping is NEVER overwhelming.

Since Americans are pretty casual in general (which I hate), I was beyond excited for this event because it gave me a reason to dress up to the nines. I wanted to find a non-basic dress that would be perfect for this event and could possibly be worn again someplace and sometime else.

However, the weather during the week of the party was in the low 40s and we all know what that translates to; either freeze your ass off or wear another ugly sweater dress, which are both nonsense in my dictionary…The exact reasons why I was stressed out.

Let’s see all the dresses I tried on.

Dress #1 – I loved this dress but the only downer was the price tag. It is an Adriana Papel dress from Macy’s and I think it was in the $200 range.



Dress #2 – Cute pink dress but very bridesmaid’s-ey. Also Adriana Papel from Macy’s.

IMG_2141 IMG_2138

Dress #3 – I LOVED this dress too! I can see myself wearing this over and over again but my sister said that I have a dress just like it (which I do) and it’s too safe. This baby here is from Zara and around $60.


Dress #4 – Another dress that I love!! My brother in law said that it looks like an iconic 1950’s housewife dress. I think he nailed it on that one!


Dress #5 – I thought this was cute too.. I liked the gem stones and the light color. This was from Ann Taylor, which is now my new favorite store.


Dress #6 – This dress was also from Ann Taylor and I loved the color and the shape of the dress. It was about $100 and I figured that I could wear this again possibly to work or a holiday party. I loved how this dress made me feel as it hugged me in the right areas of my body.


Dress #7 – I love tulle skirts but this was more appropriate for a birthday party or a quincenera. You pick. This dress was from Francesca’s.


Dress #8 – I LOVED this dress a lot! This was from Express and I think it was about $60 as well.


So..which dress did I end up buying??

IMG_2203 IMG_2221 IMG_2236

You guessed it right! Dress #6. I wore this with my black wool coat from Zara and donned curly hair, red lips and blush heels for the night. I felt really pretty and had an even better time with friends. Phew! Glad that was over. Now, on to the next one…



Author: Not Your Typical Motha

Hi! My name is Azieza Uhnavy and I am the author behind Not Your Typical Motha.

6 thoughts on “The Search for the Best Dress (Non-Bridal Edition)”

    1. I loved the third one a lot! I was going to get it but the Zara store nearest to me is 20 mins away and I had barely enough time to find a dress, get home & get dressed for the party 🙂

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