Dressing the Bump

Hi Loves,

I know I’ve been seriously delayed on all these posts seeing that I am 5 weeks down to delivering baby A, but still, I would like to share some outfits I have spotted in my pregnancy thus far.


On my baby registry run at Target in a H&M top, black leggings & Zara booties


My Georgia peach and I taking a stroll on the Beltline. Zara dress & Target sandals.

I didn’t really start showing until I was 18 weeks and even then, there were some clothes and colors that will make my bump disappear when I wear them. I found it so hard to dress my bump because most of the clothes I wore pre-pregnancy were black, black and more black.


Work wear: Dress-Up top, Forever 21 coverup, Gap Maternity pants, Zara loafers


Weekend wear: Gap Maternity pants, Call it Spring Sandals, Tank, H&M Bomber Jacket

Thanks to my sweet love,  he was ever so kind to take me out shopping and bought a lot of new clothes for me. I am now 8.5 months but I can still wear a lot of my normal clothes which is awesome. The only thing I cannot wear are my old jeans, shorts, pants etc.. basically all bottom pieces. I now have transitioned to wearing elastic waist band stuff and I love it!


On business travel: Same Gap maternity pants, Call it spring sandals, H&M Top & Coverup, Papaya Necklace


Weekend Wear: Old Forever 21 dress & Call It spring Sandals, Marc Jacobs bag, Urban Outfitters Glasses

Some stores I love that carry maternity items are Gap, Target & H&M. I wish I had known about H&M sooner because not only do they have cute mama styles, baby clothes are adorbs as well. However, don’t go on a shopping spree when buying maternity clothes because you will change so much week by week. Maternity clothes can be pricey too, so the only thing I splurged on were my bottom pieces. For tops, I buy a few sizes bigger in the hopes I can wear them again post pregnancy.


Party wear: Forever 21 dress, Nine West Heels, Marc Jacobs Bag, UO Aviators. Also fresh blowout by Drybar.


Workwear: Target Liz Lange Maternity Dress

Anyways, the BIGGEST challenge for me is finding clothes to wear to work. I am definitely bigger now and I am having a hard time finding tops to wear because they are appearing too short, thanks to my ever growing belly. On weekends, I normally dress in maxi dresses or wear tank tops with cute light jacket and I pair it with leggings or my stretchy pants.


Party Wear: Guess dress. I LOVE this dress.


Workwear: Target Merona top, H&M Coverup, Warby Parker glasses.


Workwear: Zara turtleneck top, Gap Maternity jeans, Forever 21 Kimono

I was wearing booties up till I was 6 months pregnant and the ones I wear are Sperry’s & Tom’s because they are really comfortable, so much I can run in them j/k. I only wear sandals and flats now. My poor feet hurts.I am currently looking to purchase a new pair of sneakers because I need additional support. Also I think it’ll help me when baby A gets here.


Workwear: Zara puffer jacket, Black long sleeved top, Forever 21 skirt, Black leggings


Weekend Wear: Dress-up top, Black leggings, Sperry Booties, Tory Burch purse, H&M Aviators


Party Wear: Valentines Dinner with R. Guess dress.

Anyways, although I am so done and excited to meet him, I am going to miss being pregnant so much! My baby is moving so much in my belly now..maybe he likes the shepherd’s pie  I just fed him. Till next time!


Workwear: H&M Dress, Grey sweater & tights


Work wear: Target top & skirt, Floral kimono


Weekend wear: Gap Maternity Jeans, H&M basic tee, floral kimono & Target fedora

Author: Not Your Typical Motha

Hi! My name is Azieza Uhnavy and I am the author behind Not Your Typical Motha.

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