Mommy’s First Night Out

I did it you guys! I had my first night out without baby last Friday and I had fun! This wasn’t my first time away from the baby though as I’ve gotten my hair done in the salon two weeks postpartum and have gone out on grocery runs, etc, prior. I’m super grateful for R because he lets me have some time to myself which is much needed.

Since Alden is still nursing, I made sure we had enough expressed breast milk to feed him while I’m away. I store my bm in Medela storage bottles or the Target Up & Up storage bags, and before I leave the house, I take them out and leave them in the fridge to thaw. We have a Tommee Tippee bottle warmer that we use for warming the milk and we love it! I know that it is easier to warm your frozen milk on the stove but don’t do this! It actually is not recommended because it takes the nutrients out. As far as rationing your milk, I like to keep the milk at 3.5 to 4 oz per bottle/feeding. So, if I plan to be out for 4 hours, I make sure I have at least two 4 oz bottles of  already thawed milk ready for him. I took an extra 4 oz out to thaw just in case if he wanted more milk but by the time I came back, he was ready for another feeding so I just nursed him instead.

I went out to celebrate a friend of mine’s birthday and it felt nice to be out as an unpregnant lady. I haven’t been out in the Midtown scene in a while and it almost felt really strange to be out, especially in that part of town. Driving through rush hour traffic was giving me a panic attack too.

We went to Bartaco in Inman Park and the last time I was in the area, they were still constructing the restaurant. It turns out that the entire strip is now up & running with new restaurants, some retail spaces and of course luxury apartment/condo living.

After dinner, we headed across the street to Barcelona, but they were super busy. It used to be a really cool spot (and still is) to hang out and it was sort of a hidden gem, but how times have changed and now they get a whole lot more business which is great for them…and me too, because I love their hangar steak. Yum! Since Barcelona was a no go for us, we went back across the street to Beetle Cat for drinks.

I didn’t stay out too late because I missed my baby & baby daddy. =P Also, my boobs were getting SO hard from not pumping/feeding. I made sure I wore breast pads inside my bra so I don’t leak through my top. It was nice to hang out with Elwyn and some old friends again,but I wished R & Alden could’ve made it out too. Alden needs to turn 2 months soon so he could get his shots and we could do things outside the house!!

Btw, totally had a makeover. My extensions was too much maintenance for a mama like me so I opted for my natural hair but lighter. I think it turned out pretty well. I went back to the salon that I discovered in 2014 in Cumming. It’s not a glamorous salon but they do an amazing job, especially on colors. Super happy with my hair shade even though it took me two visits to get it to go this light. No complains though.. I love it! What do you guys think?


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