Not your Typical “Love-Your-Spouse” Challenge

Hi ladies!

So, my Facebook timeline has been spammed with the “Love your Spouse” challenge and I think that it is such a cute idea, to stop and appreciate your husbands and keeping the love alive but it’s so freaking cheesy AND cute at the same time – so much that it inspired this post of mine. Can you believe that no one has nominated me yet? Gasp! Just kidding.

Anyways, in relation to that.. R and i haven’t gone out just the two of us for a long time since the birth of our babe! So, my mom and sister offered up to babysit while we both enjoy a night out on the town and we took them up on it. I was the one who planned this date night and I picked last Friday for us to go out as R started back at work this Monday. We had so many things that were delayed on celebrating and I really wanted to take the time to tell R how much he means to me and just to celebrate for being together.

Loved these tall crystal glasses. My mom has them as well but we only used them on occasions. Told R we need them at our house too.

Just donned a casual long sleeved top, skinny jeans and a pair of pumps.
I actually made a Facebook event and invited him to it (corny I know). In the description I wrote the reasons why I think we should go out; some of it are personal but one of it was to celebrate us as new parents! And, he replied “Maybe”  at first, and then “No” on the day of event just to irk me. That guy.

Never up for pictures!
We went out to dinner at The Southern Gentleman in Buckhead. The last time we tried having dinner there, it was packed, so this time around I made sure we had reservations. On the day itself, the restaurant was actually not that busy, or maybe they had additional seating spaces added to the main floor plan?? It actually seemed a little more spacious than previously. We shared the mussels as an appetizer, the 22oz steak for our dinner and the peach puff for dessert. The food was really good and we both really enjoyed it. Over dinner we talked a lot about everything; work, dreams, goals, our past. As we were talking, I was quickly reminded of how I fell in love with him in the beginning, other than shallow reasons, it was because of our conversations.


My man and our food!
The excellent 22 oz bone-in ribeye steak with fingerling potatoes. Yum!
Instagram husband. Love this photo R took of me.

After dinner, we wanted to get some hookah but it was still kind of early, so we went to Havana club. It was pretty cool, we treated that as our pregame spot. We called a couple of our friends to come join us for the remainder of the night and we ended up at Halo Lounge in Midtown for the rest of the night. We were able to let lose and dance and just have pure fun with our friends. It was a great night.


Kisses for bae
R & Mush 4eva =)

The next day, we spent it with my mom and the three kiddos. We haven’t had gone out like that in forever so we sort of treated that day as our recovery day. It was much needed.

R, if you are reading this, I am so thankful for you and I don’t need no stupid social media thing to prove to you how much I love you. Last Friday was a great reminder of how and why I fell in love with you. You really are my soulmate and I am so glad to see how far we’ve come. Thank you for all that you do.


Your wifey



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