Escape to Blue Ridge, GA

Hi loves,

Happy Monday! I am super excited to start the week because I am loving my new job. It is awesome to find a new gig, but it is even better when the new gig is something that you are starting to feel really passionate about.

Anyway, I didn’t get to share this with you last week but I wanted to actually talk about our recent trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains two weekends ago. R’s friends go on a cabin trip once a year and this year we went to one in Blairsville, GA for Columbus Day weekend. There were in total 6 couples, 2 kids and a baby and it was a lot of fun!

Where did we stay?

We picked our cabin through and our lodge could not have been more perfect (We stayed in the Just Like Heaven cabin). It was SO beautiful! We each got a room and the house is fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes, silverware and more, AND it has a huge game room upstairs complete with a 104” TV, with a poker table outside, an outdoor fireplace, a ping pong table and most importantly – a grill. All in all, each couple paid $320 for a total of 3 nights and 4 days. Not bad huh?


We’ve got a full house!


Staircase leading up to bedrooms and tv loft upstairs and downstairs to basement with 2 additional rooms and a bathroom.
Common area


What did we do?

R and I arrived a little late on Friday evening because I didn’t take the day off from work seeing I just started there. We left our house around 7:30 PM and we got there at 9:30 PM. Mountain driving at night was scary for me but not to R. He had a blast. – Of course. Soon as we got there, we ate and started playing some games. Alden was getting passed around in the room being a super chill baby that he is.

On Saturday, all of us drove 45 minutes outside our cabin to Ellijay, GA to the apple picking festival at the Gilmer County Fairground. The day was beautiful and it got pretty hot actually because the sun was sitting high shining brightly at us. When we parked our car near Ellijay Town Square, we realized that no one had cash to enter the festival with. So, we walked around the square to find some money and we ended up buying food from a food truck there in the square. We then hopped onto the shuttle bus that took us directly to the fair and soon as we got there, I nursed Alden in the mom & baby camper sponsored by Piedmont Hospital and I was able to change his diaper too in the comfort of this air conditioned space.


Ellijay Town Sqyare


Ellijay Town Square
My favorites
Love  this pic of us!


There were SO many people there and I was actually impressed with the items that were on sale by the locals. Unlike any other arts festival in Atlanta, the items that were up for sale there in Ellijay were pretty reasonable. But, I didn’t buy anything. Not even food! I think R and I were full from the chicken tenders that we waited forever for in the Square, that we were ok with not having to wait in another line at the apple festival. We left before our friends did because at this time we were already so pooped from walking about the booths, and the heat did not help at all. Soon as we got back to the cabin, we fell asleep.


All of us – minus 2 who stayed at the cabin.
Look at Chunky’s milk gut
Nappy change
I take a lot of photos of these two
Another one of my favorites


In the evening, our friends made some homemade soup because the weather dropped to a nice cool temperature. We lazed around near the outdoor fireplace on the deck, and drank some soup while each couple exchanged stories of their proposal/engagements with one another. It was super nice. Once we were done with sitting outside, we went back into the living room and started a round of Guesstures. Man, I love that game! It’s always so darn hilarious to watch people acting out stuff when they are under the timer.

Poker Night


R and I left the next day on Sunday instead of Monday like everyone did because we did not have Columbus Day off. We stayed there until around 2 PM and got home in Atlanta before it got dark. We were both really exhausted from the long weekend.


The little girls enjoying hot cocoa on the deck
Sunday brunch not complete without mimosas
The most intense round of Jenga


Daddy & Son naptime


Will we go back?

Sure, we would. I think that it’s nice to getaway every once in a while because I love exploring new places. What’s even nicer is that we get to hang out with our friends, creating memories together. That’s the best, if you ask me. Perhaps next time we can go to the beach instead? We’ll see.. Hope you enjoyed the pics!


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