Green Lace-Up xx Fringed Booties

Hi Loves,

It feels like a Tuesday today since I worked from home yesterday because my mom was ill on Monday so she couldn’t take care of the baby. Funnily enough, if you follow me on Instagram, you can see that my brain was totally out of whack when I posted a #mcm post on a Tuesday. But anyways, as always, I find myself scrolling through my camera roll to see pictures taken from the weekend and I came across these  that I am sharing with you all today.

On Saturday, Macy’s had a one day sale and we checked it out at the mall to see if we could take advantage of it. I scored some really cute pants and boots that I am dying to wear when the weather gets a little colder (Thanks babe). I also managed to snag some beauty products from Sephora as well, which I plan on sharing with you all  in the next couple of days. I realized I haven’t updated my beauty category in a while because I have been overloaded with things,  but I just came up with a new posting schedule, which will help me prioritize my posts going forward and hopefully something I can adhere to.

Anyways, on Sunday, we had to go back to the mall because I accidentally grabbed the wrong size pants from Saturday and R suggested to play a little game with me. Basically, it was decided that he would pick out my outfit for the day and his argument was that he never gets to see me as much during the week and he hasn’t seen me in some of the stuff that he got for me, in a while. Also maybe because I’ve been super plain Jane-ing it with my pregnancy and now struggling with my postpartum figure. But anyhoos, this is what he picked out!

This cutest green dress is from Forever 21 (link here) and I actually bought this some time last month, and am finally wearing it a month later. It was such a steal for only $14.90. Only downside to  this is that it is cumbersome to breastfeed for all you breastfeeding mamas out there. I had to nurse my baby in the car before we shopped around in the mall and once again at the restaurant before our early dinner.

The booties were actually purchased about almost a year ago now (damn!) – I remember getting these and then it got cold or I got too pregnant – either way, I am glad I can wear them again now. They are from the Carlos Santana shoe line at Macy’s (link here) and they were $89. Everything else are items that belong to me and R (scarf is his)… and that I wear all the time. I think R did amazing on his choice – as he always does- I owe him a lot for getting me to step -out of my comfort zone because I miss mixing cute outfits like this together. I have seriously battled with the loss of creativity especially when I haven’t shopped in the “non-maternity” section for a while. Thank god I don’t have mom jeans though. The day I wear one is the day I will kill this blog for good. LOL.


So, back to our Sunday – It was such a beautiful day; not too hot, not too cold. I know I keep talking about the beautiful weather we’ve been getting here down in the South – I just cannot get enough of it!

Other than that, R & I are all about “creating traditions” together now. Our first is what we call, Family Friday Fellini’s where we go to Fellini’s for pizza night on Friday evenings. We also decorated our house in Halloween decor after I picked up a couple of little pumpkins at Publix one night. Turns out R had a boxful of decorative items that are now adorning our humble abode. Another tradition that we seem to have now too is Sunda dinners at  El Felix in the Avalon, although R will beg to differ because we shouldn’t eat out as much as we do. =P Their Pollo Verde Enchilada is everything you guys. Love, love it! I think Alden enjoyed his weekend too. Check out those cheeks.

Now, is the week almost over yet?!

P.S: He has now explored his feet and is ALL about them. Too darn cute!



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