How To Stay On Top Of Everything

It’s been a while since I came here to write and it feels good to be back. I have been very busy lately with my personal and professional life but I am not complaining because I’ve been having nothing short but productive days which is liberating because who doesn’t like to check-off things on their to-do lists? I know I do.

Here’s a confession..

I have started using an organizer again and let me tell you,  it is my saving grace. I find that I am able to find the time to do almost anything my heart desires and it is all thanks to my planner. I still consider myself a newbie at organizing tasks and planning my days, weeks and months ahead of time, but I’ve come a long way. I wish I had used this system a little sooner, and my life would’ve been a little more in order, thus more enriching, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you this without going through the throes of being disorganized now would’t it? It all came to me one day when I realized that I was always losing and missing dates,double-booking, procrastinating, and I just felt stressed the majority of the time and with that, I kept waking up in the middle of the night and getting anxious for no reason. I knew that I needed to do something to actively make a change because I have this burning desire to go back for a post graduate degree, sooner rather than later and I had to get my crap in order.


My new found discovery has led me to many successes in the past months, and the biggest of them all is that I finally applied to get into an MBA program at a local university here in Georgia. My years of procrastinating finally ended and I am taking my first big step towards my ultimate dream! To get a gist of my most recent successes, see below.

My Accomplishments:

  1. Applied into a business school
    • Order official transcripts from USF, write application essay, update resume, attend MBA open house, ask for recommendations
  2. Started making homemade food for Alden again
    • I was giving Alden baby food from pouches and jars because I just didn’t have the time to prep but now I feel better that I personally cook for him. I am not against buying ready-made baby food but I feel better when I give him a home-cooked meal.
  3. Maintain a clean house
    • I am very close to hiring a cleaner to come once a month for our 3-level town house. But, I know that we can get by without having to hire one just by being disciplined. I wash/fold at least 1 load of laundry 2-3 nights during the week.
  4. Reorganized mine and Alden’s closet
    • I’m reading The Magic Art of Tidying by Marie Kondo and she has inspired me to minimize my stuff in the closet and reorganizing. Perhaps I can show you my newly arranged closet in a future post.
  5. Workout at least twice a week
    • Sometimes I go three times and it feels amazing!
  6. Read at least two books in a month
    • In May I finished read Mindy Kaling’s  first autobiography and the Marie Kondo book I mentioned above. This is huge for me because I am a reader more than anything, but I haven’t finished a book for a long time. I am happy I managed to do this just in the past month alone!
  7. I even started watching a tv show and finished an entire season just yesterday!
    • Can the second season for NBC’s This is Us come quicker?
  8. And, I did all the above when Ryan was away in Brazil for 2.5 weeks and myself away on biz trip for 3 days!

I think that it is important to have monthly goals and for June no less, I have mine as well. But, we have to be honest with our goals and sometimes making simple goals is all you really need for a pick-me-up.

Here’s what I keep in mind for my monthly goals:

  1. Highlight a couple events or wants that you need addressed for the month. For instance, in the month of June, Alden is turning one but we won’t be celebrating till July, so I am planning for that now.
    • This also includes financial goals
  2. Place a checkbox at every deliverable you write yourself. Nothing feels worse than an unchecked box.
    • Note: Even if you can’t complete a task within that specified day, getting it done ultimately is okay as long as it is done.
  3. Write down everything.
    • I took a productivity seminar at work once and the biggest lesson we learnt was to write things down as soon as a thought enters your mind. That way you won’t get distracted, and you can completely erase it from your mind (but obviously not erasing because it’s jotted down), therefore you can stay more focused.
    • Writing down is also a great affirmative action, to help you manifest your dreams into reality. This is so powerful.
  4. Be real with yourself and your goals
    • If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t give yourself an unattainable goal. Do something that is within your means
  5. Always find lessons and ways to improve and celebrate successes
    • We’re all human and sometimes make mistakes. Instead of beating yourself up for not completing something, take a lesson in that and implement for the next time.
    • Also, we tend to work so hard on getting somewhere that sometimes we forget to celebrate the little successes we’ve had. Think about these and give yourselves a pat in the back if you’ve reached your goal(s) for that month.
  6. Invest in a planner that you will love.
    • It’s time to hit up the office supply aisle and treat yourself to a nice, new planner.

FullSizeRender (3)

With that said, I hope for myself that I can keep this up because I have a habit of not following-through (which I consider a bad habit to have), but once I get over the hump, it will stick to me like any habit would.

xoxo, Aza




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