An Ode to Love

This is a post that I started writing 3 months ago but never published because…life happens.

If you knew me, and if you have been following me from my late teenage years, you’d probably recollect a memory of me telling you how much of a hopeless romantic I am. I love watching romantic comedies, I love watching dating and reality shows (of people in love), I love going to weddings, I love hearing about the nice things couples in love do for each other, I love hearing the beginning of a brand new relationship, I love learning about how some people get over a bump in their relationship and falling in love all over again, I love hearing how couples meet and how he pops the question – I am what you would call, a love groupie. I am that chick who cries at every wedding (even sans alcohol), and I am that chick that would re-watch The Holiday for the millionth time because, love just gives me the feels.

Just the other day I was listening to The Bert Show on the radio one morning, and their Social Media Director, Cassie, was telling us her elaborate proposal story that had just taken place over the weekend. It was really thought-out and very detailed – She loved Monopoly, so her now-fiancé crafted a Cassapoly proposal where she went around town looking for clues and buying property with Cassapoly dollars, and he basically took her through their memory spots. She ended up in Chicago, at the Virgin hotel (red hotel), because in Monopoly, after you buy four houses you get 1 red hotel, and he proposed to her there. Isn’t that thoughtful? But, in all honestly, I don’t care for an extravagant proposal like that because I am actually an extroverted introvert; I hate being in the center of attention, so I loved my proposal story – But, I definitely cried along with her while hearing the glorious 45 minutes detailed story of how he popped the question. I am all aboard the love train!


Because of that, I have this unrealistic expectation of love and I can’t quite manifest as to why sometimes love hurts, but it basically comes down to one reason and it is – imperfections: nobody is perfect. But, this post is not about the negatives of love, because in a perfect world… Love shouldn’t be synonymous to negativity, it should be synonymous to positivity instead. Why? Because love really is a dream come true and love makes the world go round – Well, in my opinion at least.

Back in May, we went to a wedding of our friend’s and they got hitched in a beautiful winery in the North Georgian Mountains. I don’t think I can ever have a wedding like that, not just by the volume of people who were there, but even with just having a do with a small group in a luxurious setting because weddings are expensive. But, yes, they had a beautiful wedding not just because it was in a nice place, but it’s because it was a great celebration of love. Not a lot of people will ever get to that pinnacle moment in their relationships; some people won’t even get the honor to find a mate whom would love them and honor them for all their flaws and imperfections… But when a couple decides to risk it all… it is deserved to be celebrated and this is one of the examples of those moments. I was very joyful for the newlyweds. Another element that made their wedding beautiful was the first dances – OMG. I cried when the bride danced with her dad and when the groom danced with his mom. It was an emotional moment.

Anyways, here is my wish to them:

May you always find the good in each other,

May you always bring out the good in each other,

May you not lose the sparkle and gleam in both your eyes,

May you acknowledge your partner through good and bad times,

May you choose to love each other every day,

And may you be kind to each other forever.

Romper: H&M | Nude pumps: Steve Madden | Clutch: Aldo

Location: Montaluce Winery Restaurant

Author: Not Your Typical Motha

Hi! My name is Azieza Uhnavy and I am the author behind Not Your Typical Motha.

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