ONE Year Old!

Okay, so this post is officially three-months overdue. But hey, better late then never right?

Alright you all, our son turned ONE end of June and we can’t believe just how big he has gotten! It’s true when people say that time flies when you’re having fun and having a baby is exactly that!

It’s interesting to have a child at this day and age- Some of my friends and peers are still single and not near to having or wanting kids and then there are others who have children and are all about them, which is great but I can’t seem to relate 100% because I have my own goals and dreams, and some of them just talk about their kids ALL THE TIME. I find that every parent parents differently and although it is SO annoying to have people tell me to do some things a certain way, I have to keep reminding myself that they don’t mean any harm. But, yes it is still very annoying. The problem with me is that, a lot of people think that I am very young and that I don’t know what I’m doing. Hello, who wakes up 2 – 3 times a night to take care of my crying baby for the last 365 days? – This girl. Anyway, sorry I didn’t mean to go off in a tangent but this thought sort of just entered my mind, so I had to let it out somehow.


ANYWAY, back to Alden. He turned one on a Tuesday and I took the day off because it was Eid and because this is my baby’s  FIRST BIRTHDAY – who am I kidding – It was a no brainer! It was the best decision and I’m so glad we got to spend quality time together. My mom, sister and kids were there too so we got to  spend the day with them while Ryan worked (he works a lot).

For his birthday, we went to a splash pad at the East Roswell park and he had a blast! He loves water and so this was heaven for him. He wasn’t fully walking yet but he could take a few small steps here and there, so he didn’t get to run around freely, but, he got to  stand up next to the water fountain that was just at his height and he went “ahhhhhhghhkkhqq”.

Fun fact: He makes this really cute sound when he’s excited and he’s been doing it since he was a baby. So yes, that “ehhhhhghh” sound he made is the “Alden sound” and is seriously, the funniest sound ever.


The splash park was really nice; Even though it was a hot day, the shade in the pavilion is well-made, so we stayed pretty comfortable there all day. We brought some snacks with us and after a few hours of fun in the sun we adjourned to downtown Roswell for late lunch. It was nice having a mid-week day off sometimes. I always wonder if I’ll ever be a “lady of leisure” but hey, I actually enjoy working and making my own money.



When we got home, I baked a cake for Alden and I decorated it with a cake-topper that I had made myself. It was seriously not the best thing that I’ve laid my eyes on, but it wasn’t an eyesore either. In fact, I was pretty impressed with myself for it. At the end of the day, I really wanted to make this day special for him. I got a funfetti sprinkle cake, because who has time to bake a cake from scratch – and we sang him happy birthday. He had a little bit of cake, did not smash it and that was pretty much all we did that day. It will be forever etched in my memory as long as God allows it to and I am just so thankful that He lent me Alden to love and to hold on this beautiful Earth.


So, did we throw him a birthday party? Short answer – Yes.

We knew that we wanted to do something with friends and family but I stressed about this for the longest time. I get really bad anxiety sometimes and I tend to go into overdrive when I think about the things that stresses me out; And then, when it is time to execute, I can’t find myself to do it, because I crash and burn.

Okay, so I talk about what kind of mother I am on here and as much as I am very engaged and attached to Alden, I am just not the “best” “crafty” mom out there. I wanted to make all these decorations and stuff for his birthday but a couple of weeks leading up to his birthday, I was sorta in a bad place? – And, it’s really hard to work on something when you’re just not there. But, I didn’t completely drop the ball – I picked up a few decorations and stuff from Ikea and Target because I didn’t want to scramble at the last minute and I knew that I wanted a “Shades of Blue” theme.


I was going to throw his party at our house but Ryan suggested we changed it to another splash park since there will be other kids there – So, that’s what we did. This time we went to the Riverside park in Roswell and it was real nice too- but just slightly older compared to the East Roswell park. My MIL came in a day before the weekend and Ryan took us to the dollar store and what not to get party supplies for his birthday. Planning things are easier when you have other people around helping you out! 🙂


The day of, we just ordered pizzas and a cake from Publix – I swear Publix has the best cakes.. and we just had a great time. I didn’t really get to take pictures of my decorations and the table set up but you can see them in these photos.

I was a little disappointed with the pavilion that we rented at the park. First of all, there were people sitting there when they’re not supposed to so we had to politely tell them that we had the space.

Another fun fact, I am super non-confrontational – I have a Counsel personality trait – so, yes i am a people pleaser which is hyper-annoying at times.

Secondly, there were wood pests in the roof of the pavilion, and we had to call the people that worked there to clear it out. Oh, this was also why I didn’t have proper pics of my table set up because we had to take our decorations down and move to another table since the place where we set up at first was right underneath their nest. I did get 75% of my money back because I complained but hey, even though things didn’t go as planned, it wasn’t a completely ruined day. Alden was slightly overwhelmed with having many people around him but he still did pretty good. I think that the birthday party turned out to be a success!


“Alden, I love you so much. Mommy can’t believe that Allah gave you to me and mommy is so grateful to have you in my life. I am a little emotional when I think about your birth. It was not the easiest thing in the world, and I was so worried but you came out so beautiful and perfect. MasyaAllah. I know that this is YOUR day, but to me this is THE day I became a mom – So, really it is a special day for the both of us; Yeah, ok daddy too 😛 I hope you grow up to be a good boy and anak yang soleh.. Please pray for mommy all the time, and mommy pray that you become a successful young man, with a long life and the best rezeki and health. Insyallah, we will have a long life together and I promise to be the best mama to you. I am sorry if I ever get short with you sometimes – I’m just tired and sometimes mummy isn’t happy too.. but you always make everything worth while. Thank you my love..Thank you for being here for me.” -Your mama.


Author: Not Your Typical Motha

Hi! My name is Azieza Uhnavy and I am the author behind Not Your Typical Motha.

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