4 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Hi Loves..

We officially got snowed-in yesterday here in Atlanta and our city looks absolutely enchanting even though we spent more than 12 hours without power here in our home. With that said, since it is 30 something degrees outside, I figured what better way to start a holiday post than today!

I feel like it is very hard not to not get into the holiday spirit even if you don’t technically celebrate Christmas because it is so hugely celebrated here in the States. I view the holiday season as a time for us all to sit back and reflect on the good things that are bestowed upon us and to give back to people that we love as a form of thank you. Besides, who doesn’t love the beautiful holiday lights and the food and festivities that come with it too? I know I do!

Here are some easy things you can do to get yourself in the holiday spirit if you haven’t already!

1.Put up a Christmas tree.

What is Christmas without the tree? This is our second Christmas in our new home and we bought a false tree last year and we’re using it again because I am not adult enough to get a real tree. We started with a 7-ft tree and it is already pre-lit which makes it easier. For the trimmings, we opted to go for an all white, glitter and silver accents to match the tone of the house and I must say, I love it so much! I do want to start a tradition of buying new ornaments each year for Alden and possibly for R & I too but I haven’t found one that I like yet. I got our tree and the tree skirt from Walmart and ornaments from Target & At Home.


2. Home Decor

Home decor goes hand in hand with the Christmas tree. R has a lot of decorations that he has kept over the years and I have some too but I am not really good at safeguarding items especially with moving many times in the previous years. I usually try to decorate our mantel with some holiday specific items. For instance, during thanksgiving, I had a banner that said “Give Thanks” and some mini pumpkins on my mantel; This time, we have a couple nutcrackers on the mantel piece. Last year, we wrapped our dining room columns with ivy but this year we decided to do without. What we make sure we rotate each season is our front door wreaths as well; During the winter, we switch out our welcome wreath to a winter one and for an additional festive feel, I wrapped our front stairs railing with party lights.


3. Going to Holiday Events

One thing R is really good at is taking us to seasonal events. He always knows what goes on in the city and always seem to surprise us (me really) when we show up to these events. He gets major brownie points for that! Recently, he took us to the Christmaskindl Market down in Atlantic Station and it was a very cool experience! The courtyard area is decorated with a huge tree and the surrounding perimeter of the area has little market stands for food, drinks and more food. Other events that you can check out include tree lighting events – I am pretty sure there is one event you can go to that is close to your home during this time of the year. The Battery Atlanta has a really nice holiday setup too and this is one place that we frequent to a lot these days since we live in the neighborhood. I really am glad for this new neighborhood addition!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, I do recommend checking out the Christmaskindl Market, Battery AtlantaAvalon & Stone Mountain Park. 



4. Holiday Cards

Okay, so this definitely finishes off my list for ways to get into the holiday spirit quite nicely. Starting last year, I started sending out Holiday Cards just because.. it is a nice thing to do and now that I have a family, why not? I think that Holiday Cards are a great way to send out a nice wish to your loved ones and I always find them very nostalgic. Again, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there are many ways for you to customize your own card with just Holiday Greetings or a simple Happy New Year message. I just ordered my card for this year, so it isn’t here yet but here’s one I did from last year. Here’s where I order my cards and usually during this time of the year, Shutterfly / Tiny Prints always have great promos going on for you to take advantage of. Below is our card from last year.


How do you guys get into the spirit?




xoxo, Aza


Author: Not Your Typical Motha

Hi! My name is Azieza Uhnavy and I am the author behind Not Your Typical Motha.

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