20 Minute Chicken Enchilada Soup

Two nights ago, I had the hardest time trying to figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am tapped out from eating out – It’s expensive & it’s unhealthy, but it is the most accessible and convenient option for 1 person eating and to add, this 1 person has a fussy-baby around dinner time every day.But, I know that I wanted to prepare something at home because it is better that way, and I needed to go to the grocery store to get salt anyways, so it all worked out perfectly.

I have been really into soups lately; I love them but lets just say soups aren’t my forte because I haven’t made enough soups in my life to call me a pro. Two weeks ago, I made french onion soup and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, and the man loved it too – So, bonus points. This time, I was dying for a cup of Chicken Enchilada Soup. It was perfect for the cold night; a little creamy and a little spicy – Just the way I like it.

So, I found a recipe online that was a 20 minute recipe, and I have to say.. wow, what a great find!

Here’s my rendition! And for the sake of the convenience of this recipe, I used a lot of canned ingredients to help with speed.


Chicken (Diced or Shredded)

6 – 8 oz of Chicken Stock ( I made my own by boiling my chicken in water but you can buy this from the store)

1 can golden-kernel corn (wash & drain)

1 can black beans (wash & drain)

1 can diced tomatoes

2 cans enchilada sauce (choose your own spice)

1 large yellow onion

1 Jalapeno, sliced and seeded (leave seeds if you like it hot)

Four-Cheese Mexican Cheese

Garnish : Cilantro, Tortilla Chips, Avocado* (optional)


  1. Dice yellow onion and cut jalapenos, place to side
  2. Heat olive oil in stock pot
  3. Cook onions and jalapenos together in pot for about 1 minute, and then add chicken, corns, beans, tomatoes.


4. Add chicken stock, enchilada sauce and 2/3 cups water


5.  When soup is boiling, add cheese to your liking. I used like 3 fistfuls.

6. To garnish, chop cilantro and sprinkle on top and serve with tortilla chips.

7. Enjoy!!!


Seriously you guys, this was the best idea ever and it is pretty light. I had enough leftovers to bring to work the next day for lunch and day-2 soups are always so much better.Try this out and let me know what you think!

Jom Makan!


Author: Not Your Typical Motha

Hi! My name is Azieza Uhnavy and I am the author behind Not Your Typical Motha.

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