Weekends are for Wide Brimmed Fedoras and Mimosas

First of all, I wanted to tell you guys something. THANK GOD for allergy medicine! I have not taken allergy meds for two years because I was pregnant and nursing, so being able to take some again is just revolutionary! I feel like I can function as a human being all over again.

R is away traveling for work and this time he is gone for 10 days. The first couple of days after he leaves is always okay but I am missing him a lot right now because we haven’t been able to talk to each other as much on the phone since he is 6 hours ahead of me. Oh well, can’t wait to see him next week!

My mom stayed over this past weekend to keep me company and to hang out. We stayed in on Friday night and one of our friends came over with her kids as well. It was fun to see the boys, Alden included, play with each other. Alden amuses me each time he hangs out with bigger kids because he thinks he’s big too. Anyway, we watched a Malay horror movie that night- It was a-ok and after she left, I watched LaLa Land (finally) and I LOVED it! I loveee musicals so so much.

Anyways, on Saturday, I had a couple of things to do but to start of the day, I took my mom to The Battery for breakfast. After breakfast, we walked around the stores and let Alden run around before we headed over to our next destination.



I was really happy that  I got to wear my new wide-rimmed fedora hat that I got from Target. I feel like I always buy new fedoras each season because my hats always end up looking floppy and out-of-shape since I tend to stuff and store them in tight places. I snagged this hat about two weekends ago at the Target in Atlantic Station.

I love fedora hats in general because they are so versatile and they are great cover-ups for bad hair days (without leaving a dent in your hair). So yeah, you’re probably going to see more fedoras pop-up in my pictures. It was such a beautiful day you guys! Even Alden had his sunglasses handy!


I am really enjoying dressing Alden up these days. I normally get his stuff from Old Navy & Target because he outgrows his clothes so fast! Everything he’s wearing here are all from Old Navy. As you can see the t-shirt is slightly big on him but what I’ll do is roll his sleeves up slightly and that makes his outfit look a little more rugged and trendy. The green slip-ons are what I call Native knockoff shoes. Alden had a pair of Native shoes that I bought from Nordstrom last summer but he has already outgrown them.


As for me, I just opted to keep my outfit super simple because R wasn’t around which meant, all hands on deck for Alden. He is very handful and playful these days. I wore a plain yellow shirt from Forever 21. It is actually a flowy top but i tucked it in because I’m obsessed with the tucked in look these days and it looks better with these shorts. Just to elevate or complete the look, I added this brown belt that I also got from Forever 21 recently. My shorts were from Old Navy too.


So, yeah that was pretty much my highlights for the weekend. This weekend I will be spending time studying for my quiz this Monday. I am already in my third module and will be about done with two semesters in 3 – 4 months! Crazy how that went by so fast!

What are some of the things you guys are looking forward to this spring? I know this boy is ready to be outdoors to play and learn as much as he can!!



You can find Alden’s shirt here, His fringe shorts similar here and his shoes here, and sunnies here

For my items, you can find my top similar here, my shorts here , fedora here and belt here.



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