Hello Guys!

So, how are y’all liking my frequent posts on the blog these days? If you are new here, I wanted to let you know that I now post at least once a week. I try to post something by Wednesday, but this week I am a little behind because I got married last week and a half! Will tell you more about it in a separate post. Today, I am going to specifically talk about one of the most awaited events of my entire life, and that is my bachelorette party!!!


My bachelorette party was planned by one of my best friends / bridesmaid, Zap. Her and I have been friends for many, many, years and we were even roommates at one point. Even though Zap doesn’t live in Atlanta anymore, she still jumped at the opportunity to plan and throw this party for me. One of my other friends / MOH also helped with the planning as well, and I seriously cannot thank them both enough for going through all the hassle for me!


Since we started the planning a little late in the game, the only time that worked for the majority of the people going was Labor Day weekend. Since it was also a holiday weekend, we decided to keep it local to make it easy for everyone, so that we don’t have to travel. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, because I was in Vegas the week leading up to that weekend, and was traveling back to Atlanta on that Thursday and had Friday off. When I came back from Vegas, I was exhausted from the trip but the Friday at home allowed me the opportunity to spend time with my family before heading out again. The one-night instead of a two-night getaway, was also great because it gave me the time to be away with the girls, yet still have the remainder of the long weekend to spend it with R and Alden. Aren’t I such a good and responsible mother? =P

Anyway, the plan was for me to meet up with Zap and Atoosa on Saturday at a hotel in Brookhaven, where we were staying, and for us to have a pool day. When I arrived, it was just us three girls and the other ladies started coming in later that afternoon. We hung out at the pool for a couple of hours before heading back to the room to start getting ready for dinner and our night time activities. I forgot to mention that when I got to the room the first time, I was surprised to see the room decorated to fit the bachelorette theme with lingerie, party decor and party favors! Everyone got a plastic cup (which was convenient for our drinks) that included a “Hangover Kit” with goodies to help aide our potential morning discomfort from poor decisions made the night prior. I’ll have to say though that not none of us had to use this kit for what it was advertised for, but I’ll have to say, all the essentials were definitely useful for me the next day – Well done, Zap.


After we freshened up for the night, we headed out to dinner. I decided to keep it casual at dinner and wore a white sleeveless body suit and a denim skirt and my favorite sandals this summer from Forever 21. Dinner was at BUA Thai Restaurant in Brookhaven and it was amazing! I had forgotten how good the restaurant was because I haven’t been there in a while. We had a nice-sized group of about 8 people. I had some sushi AND Thai of course, with some delicious lychee drinks. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel room for a couple rounds of bridal games.


We played 4 games in total. One of the games was for me only and the other three were for the girls. I had to guess who purchased what lingerie for me, based on what I know about their styles and personalities. So, instead of buying lingerie that is random, they have to buy something that fits their personalities, so I can match it. I got all correct. Yay, me! The next game we played was, “Polish or Porn”. Zap read out names that could either be from a nail polish or from an actual porno movie, and the girls had to guess if it was Polish / Porn; Faby won this round. Next game we played was a question game where Zap had R & I answer questions separately before, and then we had the girls guess, and Zap read both our answers after. I think Diana won this game. The last game we played was another questions game, and it’s called “How Well Does He Know His Bride?”, where Zap had R answer a set of questions about me prior, and I had to guess his answers. The girls had to guess how many of these questions I would get right, and the closest number wins. Faby won this round! Btw, the last set of questions were hard!! Hahaha. I didn’t do too well.


After games, we got into our sparkly dresses, and yes, that was the theme, and headed out to Lips in Buckhead. Lips is a drag show, and my gosh you guys, it was so much fun! There were a lot of people there with celebrations, which of course included other bachelorettes as well. While we were eating (again), there were performances by the drags and I made it rain on them. Haha. It’s actually not like a triple-X rated show or anything, but they do appreciate tips. Anyway, I, along with other bachelorettes got called on stage for a contest, and of course my clumsy self, made me lose instead of win. But, no one got anything, so hey.. I am okay with that!

IMG_4314 (1)IMG_4344IMG_4426IMG_4383IMG_4393IMG_4363IMG_4372

We headed back to the hotel after the show and since we got a later showtime, we got back late. We didn’t go anywhere else to party after that because we’re old and we’re lame. Haha. We just went back, washed up and just stayed up talking. That, to me was much more fun! Not everyone stayed over at the hotel, except for Zap, Atoosa, Faby & I. The next morning, we got up at 7 AM, and went to breakfast at Flying Biscuit. One of my friends didn’t get to join the activities the day before due to a conflict with another bachelorette party, but she came out to eat breakfast with us. Really enjoyed our time chit chatting and the food was amazing;; Flying Biscuit never disappoints!


And…that was it! That was my bachelorette weekend with my girls. Although it was short, it definitely was very, very, sweet.


Till next post!


Hello 2018

Two weeks into the new year and I am feeling refreshed, energized and above all – BRAND NEW. I know, i know. It’s too early to tell but something in my bones just tells me that this is MY YEAR. I have great big things planned beyond 2018, so in order for me to get there – I really need to start a strong foundation, and it starts here.

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ONE Year Old!

Okay, so this post is officially three-months overdue. But hey, better late then never right?

Alright you all, our son turned ONE end of June and we can’t believe just how big he has gotten! It’s true when people say that time flies when you’re having fun and having a baby is exactly that!

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An Ode to Love

This is a post that I started writing 3 months ago but never published because…life happens.

If you knew me, and if you have been following me from my late teenage years, you’d probably recollect a memory of me telling you how much of a hopeless romantic I am. I love watching romantic comedies, I love watching dating and reality shows (of people in love), I love going to weddings, I love hearing about the nice things couples in love do for each other, I love hearing the beginning of a brand new relationship, I love learning about how some people get over a bump in their relationship and falling in love all over again, I love hearing how couples meet and how he pops the question – I am what you would call, a love groupie. I am that chick who cries at every wedding (even sans alcohol), and I am that chick that would re-watch The Holiday for the millionth time because, love just gives me the feels.

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The Naked Truth

Alright you all, I am going to get real candid here and talk about my deepest, darkest feelings because I need an outlet. I might regret writing this post but this can get added on to my list of regrets that seems to overflow as the years go by.

I have been and am experiencing a lot of “self-hate” lately. Not like I am suicidal or depressed, I just feel like I am starting to feel mentally exhausted from being ME. Sounds complicated much? Well, yes because it is.

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2016 Year-in-Review

This is my first entry for 2017 and I thought, what better way to start the year by reflecting on the past year and planning for the year ahead. As I am sitting here on my kitchen island, I look around me and I see so many blessings. First of all, my playful and happy baby boy, Alden, sitting down in his Bumbo seat, sucking and reaching out for his toys while watching Daniel the Tiger on the television.

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Holiday Vibes

I can’t believe that this year went by in a whim! So many new and great things went by and I cannot be thankful enough for not just the love & laughter, but also for the tears as they have made me stronger in this pursuit to life. I’m really glad to share my life with a wonderful & loving partner, and now with our beautiful son-  It seems like life cannot get any better than this and I hope we continue to flourish to the end of time.

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Sleepy Baby

I feel like I’ve been slacking these past few weeks. My house is not nearly as spotless as it usually is and to top it off, my hair is falling in chunks! Welcome to the glamorous postpartum life.

I also feel like I am not doing this mom thing as great as other mothers are doing it. My baby still co-sleeps with me and as much as I love it, I don’t love it too. I want him to sleep in his pack and play SO badly but he just doesn’t seem to like it, or maybe I don’t like it because I don’t get much sleep when he sleeps in there.

This past week, I have been putting him in his pack & play to sleep in at nights and he doesn’t do too bad in it. He still doesn’t sleep through the night but that’s the thing with breastfed babies, they wake sometimes not out of hunger, but just because they want to comfort nurse. I remember the two nights he slept in his own bed, I was zombified the next day at work. But, I’ll need to push through because actually, I feel bad that I am not teaching him to be more independent. He would probably even love it too if he sleeps on his own.

When I was on maternity leave, as much as I was obsessed with breast milk, I was obsessed with sleep training too. And, when babies are that small, it really is hard to train them or to feel like you have to put them on a schedule because they are still so very small. I read a book on instilling healthy sleep habits with baby and I remember thinking to myself, “Ok – This should be a piece of cake”. I was wrong.

However, I need to be dedicated to doing this right for him and for all of us. He has such a beautiful nursery which our friends and family help contribute to setting it up, it will be a waste if it doesn’t get used. Also, we need to transition from postpartum life as quickly as we can to regular life (now with baby) for the structured family we are.

Wish us luck!

Making It Work

My weekdays are usually very busy and I find myself often tired from the hustle bustle, but I think I’ve gotten it down to the most optimal schedule as possible. I don’t know how I do it sometimes and it may seem like not a lot but if you knew the old me, I was never a structured person, so this is far-fetched for a type-b personality like me.

My nephew comes to pick his cousin up early in the AM too!

I live with a pretty OCD person too, (Sorry R but you are) and on top of all that craziness, I have to make sure I don’t leave my trail around, which I do because… I just do. LOL I have to admit though that even though I wake up early everyday (5 AM wake up calls), I still don’t get to make my bed in the mornings because soon as I am ready to leave the house, Alden is awake and he wants to be nursed or held because he is cranky from being woken up – so I try to not wake him up. This morning he was a champ though. I nursed him as soon as I woke up and he fell right back to sleep which gives me time to get ready in the bathroom in peace. Soon as I went back to our room, his eyes were wide open just looking around in the darkness. My sweet baby. Anyways, I hope to one day get on the make-bed-every-morning wagon but I am not quite there yet.

Morning pic still in his jammies. Love his new pacifier clip!

I try to do as much as I can on Sunday before the week starts. For instance, I try to pack extra clothes, socks & blankets in his diaper bag so I don’t have to do it every night. I still look through the bag to pull his dirty clothes out and to make sure we aren’t out of wipes and my mom is good at telling me what we’re out of, so I can take note of it and replenish for the next few days. I am so, so, so thankful that my mom is helping me out with Alden and she too is very committed to making this work for me. God bless her beautiful soul. On Sundays too, I try to get all our laundry done and stored away, and I iron all our work clothes for the week ahead.

My baby getting so big and already finding his curls!

Every day, I get up around 5:15 AM and I leave the house by 6:15 AM to avoid traffic and I meet my mom at a Starbucks halfway from the both of us. Normally we meet around 6:45 AM, sometimes 7 AM, and we do the switcheroo. She takes Alden and heads back to her house and I head to work. While I’m at work, I pump every 3 hours and I stress about getting enough milk for Alden the next day. The past few days I’ve noticed my supply in the right boob decreasing and it’s worrying the heck out of me! So, when I get home these days, I will let Alden nurse from that side more than my left.

Snuggle time soon as we get home!

After I leave work, I head back up to a gym in the same area I meet my mom for morning pick-ups, and I try to squeeze in at least a 35 – 45 minute workout. By the time I am done working out, my mom is already there waiting to pass Alden back to me. Soon as I get home, I tend to Alden – Whatever he needs me to do. Sometimes I can sense him missing me so much so he likes to be held and nursed, which I don’t mind at all because I miss him when he’s not around!! But as soon as I am done, I put him down and I start cooking or prepping us dinner. Last night, I didn’t eat because I was too tired and just went to bed at 9 PM. While I make dinner, I am also cleaning up my lunch from earlier in the day and packing for tomorrow.  I try to clean as much as I can because by the time I am done cooking, Alden is fussing because it’s been about an hour of him sitting there by himself and he wants to be picked up again. I don’t babywear him in the kitchen for safety reasons but at times I do when he is just not having it.

I fell asleep like this – Time for me to shower!

After dinner, we both head upstairs and I turn the water on to start giving Alden a bath. He LOVES bath time, so I try to give him a bath every day. Once he is done, if he is still full, he will be okay in the car seat for about 20 minutes until he wants to be nursed again– So there he goes in it and both we go to my bathroom so I can take a shower. He watches me shower and I watch him while I shower J  Normally after showering, I will empty and replenish my gym bag for the next day. If Ryan is at home, I will pass Alden to him so I can finish cleaning up in the kitchen where I wash and sterilize my pump parts and clean the stove or whatever. By this time, it is 10 PM, and I am now rushing back upstairs so we can both call it a day to do it all over again the next day!

Alden misses mommy but mom has to cook!

Those daily night cuddles with Alden is the BEST feeling in the world. We are both exhausted and we don’t get that much time with each other at all but when we go to sleep, we wake up together and that is enough to make me happy. I feel so bad for not being able to play with him as much during weekdays and sometimes I wonder if he will love me even if I don’t play with him. I hope he does.  I know that he is my motivation to getting things right because everything is manageable. In no time, everything will be second nature to us.

Man down! Scurry along before he wakes up!

BUT – I’m already thinking of when he starts on solids, more meal prepping will be involved.. So God help me!

When do I get time to myself or time to blog? – I blog in the mornings while waiting for my mom in the car on my phone or on my laptop at Starbucks. I make a breakfast casserole on weekends or make eggs and bacon and Tupperware it so I can eat it in the parking lot – Sometimes I just get a croissant from the store because.. it’s convenient. At times, I blog on my lunch but I haven’t done that as much because I work through lunch most days.  The time at the gym is nice to have for me and thanks to my mom for allowing me to do that every day and also before I go to bed, after my shower and nursing Alden, I get up to paint my nails and read a book.  I try to sleep at 10:30 but 11:30 is the latest for me.

When he is fed and happy to see mom go about in the kitchen 🙂

Alden doesn’t sleep through the night yet, so he wakes me up to be nursed at least twice during the night. Thank god for co-sleeping, I can still get my sleep but I want to train him to sleep in his crib/bassinet soon, but I am actually very reluctant about it. I miss him so much in the day that I want to sleep with him next to me. I love my baby more than anything in the world. One day he won’t want to sleep with me again and I will miss kissing the fuzz on his head to sleep every night.

At the end of the day, this is everything!

Oh, how mommy loves you my little Chunky baby.