Things To Do In Amsterdam / Recap

Hey guys,

So, if you guys follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I went across the pond for a quick-ish trip to the Netherlands early June. If you didn’t know I was away, well now you do.

R had to go on a work trip in Europe the last week of May (his company is based in Austria), and he surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam for my 30th birthday. It was AWESOME! I did not want to come back and before I left the city, I found myself looking at neighborhoods in Amsterdam to live in, and schools we could send Alden to, and not to mention, complete step-by-steps on how to move there as an expatriate. I know, I know.. I’m extra.

Schiphol airport, amsterdam airport

Before visiting Amsterdam, I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into or what to expect really because even though it is a popular place, it wasn’t on my list of top places to visit. I have always seen pictures of Amsterdam but never really looked at them, but when I arrived there, I fell in love. I know I am using this “love” term very loosely when it comes to travel, but I am telling you that this time it is for real. My trip to Amsterdam was my first time ever in Europe. I’ve had a few layovers in Sweden, but I never got the chance to visit, so this trip was enlightening to me. So now,¬† I can finally say that I’ve been to Europe and as always I am thankful to R who always helps me check things off my bucket-list. Right babe? ūüėČ

My post today is going to be about the beautiful and historical Amsterdam. What to do, what to see, what to eat and some other travel trips from a girl less-traveled, and that is me!

Historic Buildings & Architecture

Amsterdam is a historic city, so just understand that being there already is an experience in itself. This is coming from a girl who has never really lived in a place that has a lot of architectural history, so when it comes to traveling to places with a lot of what I’d like to call, “old-time charm”, it always catches me in a daze.

First photo in Amsterdam taken by my friend from her hotel room balcony!
I love the greens on the outer walls of this building.



I moved to the US in 2005 and I moved from the buzzing city life to a life on the beach in Florida. From there, I moved to Atlanta but I never lived downtown because I couldn’t justify paying high rent for an apartment and also because I have always worked outside the city center. With that said, I am now used to seeing the usual American suburban towns or neighborhoods that are typically newer built and most of the time, the buildings are all cookie-cutter and look exactly the same; You can be in any part of the country and still find yourself in a standard shopping plaza, which will house your typical grocery store, an urgent care, a nail salon, a couple fast casual restaurants, and a UPS store. Sometimes, you may get lucky with a Starbucks or a cool Mexican restaurant with an outdoor seating area, but most of the time, everything looks typically the same. So, as I was saying, being in Amsterdam itself was a cool experience to me because it was just charming and aesthetically pleasing.




When exploring the city, you’ll notice that the rowed buildings tilt forward, lean to the side or even have gaps in between. It is because these rows / buildings were built on wooden piles since Amsterdam is a city built on water, and naturally after¬† hundreds of years, they deteriorate. When I think about this, it brings me back to the episode on How I Met Your Mother, when Lilly and Marshall bought their first condo and realized that their building was tilted. They found out by accident when they placed a ball on the floor and realized that the ball kept rolling to the other side of the room because the floors were not even, which drove Marshall crazy! Can you guys imagine living in a house like that?



Museums & Experiences

To get a glimpse into what these homes look and feel like on the inside, you can head on over to the Anne Frank House Museum. I am so glad that we took advantage of this and visited the museum – It was such a humbling experience. The tour itself did not take very long; I want to say it was about 30 – 45 minutes. We got a later reservation on a Friday night at 8 PM since R didn’t come in until late afternoon from Austria, while I arrived early that morning. It felt late when we left the hotel to go to the Anne Frank House but the long summer days definitely helped because day time was much longer. (Side note: It did get pretty cold at night, so make sure to wear / bring a jacket).

Just to give you a background on Anne Frank if you haven’t yet read her diary, she was one of the million Jews that were murdered during the Holocaust. Anne and her family lived behind a bookcase where her father used to work, in a place called the Secret Annex and during their hiding, Anne wrote in her diary almost daily for 2 years before they were found and brought to the concentration camps. I read her diary when I was younger and to be able to experience the crammed living quarters in which Anne lived in, was so humbling. I remember being there for only 30 – 45 minutes but I almost passed out due to claustrophobia; I cannot imagine what it would’ve been like to live there – My heart goes out to all the victims of the Holocaust.

Entrance to the Secret Annex (Before they yelled at us for taking photos)
My handsome

TIP: Buy your tickets in advance and and go for an early morning or a late evening time slot. We went to a late night one and it was less crowded but still there were many people and we got stuck in human-traffic in the house due to the volume and I thought I was going to pass out because.. claustrophobia. Tickets

There are many other museums and experiences you can go to while in Amsterdam such as the Rijkmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum & the Heineken Experience, but we did not visit any of them because we’re not big fans of crowds. We actually tried to get tickets to visit the Van Gogh Museum but it was sold out for the weekend. See what happens when you fail to plan?


A photo under the arch at The Rijskmuseum
Babe, pics please
He was playing Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
Me and my bestie!
The Pink House
It was National Best Friend Day



If you Google “Most photographed place in Amsterdam”, I am pretty sure you will come across the“I Amsterdam” sign, and visiting this is a no-brainer. It is free and it is located in front of the Rijksmuseum and near to the Heineken experience. It’s a pretty cool place just for a photo op but man, was it super packed! We got there sometime during noon and if I have to go back there again, I’ll probably opt to go in the morning or evening to stay away from the crowds. That way I can get more Insta-worthy shots.


The guy is checking us out
Some guy tried to get up here like R but they failed
R for .. ?


Rembrandtplein Square

Where to Stay?

I loved the Rembrandtplein area, which is also where we chose to stay while in Amsterdam. I didn’t think that we purposely planned to get a hotel outside of the Centraal area, but it was nice that we did because Amsterdam Centraal was a zoo (I told you we have an aversion to crowds). We stayed on Linnaeustraat, which was a streetcar away to the shopping and nightlife district in Rembrandt square and it could have not been more perfect place to stay in. From a location standpoint, I was able to travel from Schiphol airport by myself to our hotel, and by just one train. (Muiderpoort station). After I got off the train, I walked about 2 blocks down to Linnaeustraat street and the hotel was right there to my left. Our hotel also had easy access to the streetcars, which was definitely a plus as well.


The cleanest & neatest our room ever was
How do they know we like shoes?
The wall art in Feeya’s room

The Manor Amsterdam  РRead my review on TripAdvisor.

Where to shop?

I didn’t go crazy with shopping in Amsterdam but I did buy a few things. I felt like the H&M there was much better than the ones here in the States. Even their Zara was better too – Well, duh.. Europe. Another store that I loved exploring was Primark. I get it guys. Things are very affordable there, and they had literally anything and everything for everyone there! And, should I mention once again that they are cheap? I bought a cute skirt from there, a crop top, a sweater for Alden, and R got himself a backpack that he now uses for work. Of course, Ryan and I hit-up H&M too. I loved that their H&M store has a HOME section!! Wish I lived there!

Strolling in Rembrandt Square in the rain

Night scene

I forgot to mention that one of my best friends from high school met up with us while we were there in Amsterdam and we had such a BLAST. Feeya made the trip even more better because of her craziness and positive energy. It was natural that the three of us, hit up a club in Amsterdam. This was of course, my idea. I love dancing! Even if I am no good at it. I do admit that I only like to go for a short time because I go to bed so early these days. The club we went to was Club Escape, and it was AWESOME. Awesome because, there is a legit light show in the main room, and indoor smoking is not allowed (Thank god! – There are smoking rooms provided indoors though for you smokers) – and like any big clubs, there are several rooms you can go to that play different types of music. For some reason, we ended up in the hip hop room and we soon found out that they LOVE to play throwback music. We thought it was a throwback night or something until we went to another club the next night and the playlist there was almost identical to the one in Escape. Hysterical. They were bumping to Ignition by R. Kelly. I thought I was back in the early 2000s.

Another thing that we did while we were there, was that we went to the Icebar. It was a-ok. I thought it was going to be a bar made from ice that people go to for fun (which it was) but it was more of an attraction versus an actual hang-out spot. Oh, and one last mention, the red light district! It was very surprising to see how clean the district was. There were so many people (sorry I keep bringing up crowds.. I hate crowds) and I didn’t feel creeped out at all!


Waiting for our “cruise” to start at the Ice Bar


Floating Flower Market – Bloemenmarkt

Also near Rembrandt square, you will find the famous Bloemenmarkt, which is a floating flower market. I really wanted to go see their tulip gardens outside the city center but we were not in season for it, therefore did not get to experience it. However, if you love flowers, you should definitely check out the floating market. They had all types of beautiful blooms there in varying colors and they were just so pretty! Did you know that Netherlands is one of the biggest countries that export seeds and flowers to other countries? I didn’t buy any because I was traveling, but sigh.. I wish I did!


Look at the roof! Oh, and R! =)
A girl & flowers
Outside view of the Bloemenmarkt


Find a Windmill – De Gooyer

Another thing that was on our list was to find a windmill. There are not many of them scattered through the city but R was able to find one! The one that we went to is the De Gooyer windmill which is one of the oldest windmills in the Netherlands.


This is the photo for your computer desktop
R & Mush
We were here!


Ride A Bike 

I know that it is intimidating to ride a bike in Amsterdam but it is by far, the BEST way to get around over there. R and I made the mistake of not going on the bike the first couple of days we were there, but when we finally did, we got to see so much more! Even though the streetcar/ tram is convenient, there’s just more waiting on that versus just hopping on the bike and walking around to get to places. I felt like the bike there is way better than my bike here, and even though it isn’t a typical road bike, it felt effortless all around. Just beware of other bikers though; They’re pretty aggressive and they are not afraid to cuss you out! Also, don’t be afraid of getting hit by buses and trams or cars because technically, they have to stop for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get on that bike!


I swear my face looked like that the entire time, and R is screaming “Look at the road!”
Love you, mean it
Ryan likes this pic


TIP:¬†Rent your bikes from your hotel. It was so easy to drop it off right then and there and not having to worry about traveling to a rental place to drop it off at the end of your long exhausting day. The bikes we rented came with locks too, which was convenient. You will be a pro at finding places to park your bike and if you are cycling in a shopping district, you’d come across the famous “No bike zone” stickers that they place in alleyways, etc. So fun!


Babe, I don’t think we can ride our bikes here
When you give me the GPS, we end up lost


Go To Local Parks

Because of our choice in mode of transportation above, we got to see so much more and do more things without feeling super exhausted. We were very lucky also that the weather was cooperating with us as well. On one of our afternoons there, we went to a local park not too far away from our hotel and it was the cutest sight! Over there, we saw many locals with families bring their kids out to play, there was an ice-cream man selling ice cream from his bike and in the gazebo, there was a group of older men and women who were dancing and enjoying a salsa & cha-cha session with their peers. It was a picturesque day!


There were no mosquitoes or bugs out here!
I love us
Clearly we love us too
Asian gang sign
Seriously, the cutest sight!


Coffee Shops

Of course I had to add this to the list. If you like to engage in recreational marijuana activities, there are obviously plenty of coffee shops to go to. I hated the smell but you kind of get used to the smell after a while. I walked in one coffee shop and I was very surprised to see that it is actually very clean and systematic. They also do not serve alcohol there; Just coffee and other beverages instead. It definitely was an interesting experience. Sorry, no pictures =) I’m disappointed I didn’t take photos of the coffee shops from the outside!

Rooftop Bars & Restaurants

As always, when visiting a new place, we always like to search for rooftop restaurants or bars because the view is always just so scenic from the top of a building. We went to a bar in Volkshotel, which I believe was a hotel R wanted to get us to stay in at first but had no availability, and it was so quirky and fun. This bar also had a spa in one of their top floor levels too; Super interesting! We were there in time to watch the sunset (9-ish PM), and it was all around just good feels. Loved it!


Locals galore
Sunset vibes
We fit in, therefore we should move here
Indoor portion of the rooftop bar
A little bubbly can’t hurt nobody


Eat, Eat, Eat

I could not explain how well fed I am while I was in the Netherlands. They have some really nice restaurants that are equally diverse. I remembered one of our best meals was actually had was on our last dinner there at an Indian restaurant. It was BEYOND amazing. Enjoy my food snaps as follows.


Tempo Doeloe Indonesian Restaurant – Anthony Bourdain has dined here before!
Two Asian girls looking for Asian food
This was actually Feeya’s lunch one day
Facetiming Alden & Mom


And, more food…


The best Indian food!
I love me some Shrimp Gambas
He spoils me with food
My homemade veggie gnocchi. So good!
R’s Fish


And more…


At Cafe Spargo by our hotel
They like their tuna with kechup


Salmon Capraccio

Coffee break
Open faced tuna sandwich


With all of that said…

There you have my full list of things that I recommend doing/seeing in Amsterdam; I am sure there are more than these things you can do over there, and perhaps we get to back to experience more things but for a short trip, we definitely had a pretty fulfilling vacation there. We enjoyed Amsterdam so much that we skipped our plan on the last day to visit Brussels, Belgium, and spent another day there instead. Even though it was an opportunity missed, I am sure there will be plenty of next times for us in the future.

This is the longest time I have spent writing and crafting a travel post so I hope you enjoyed it!!

Like my clogs?
R imitating my poses
Last night at the neighborhood Cafe. Their playlist that night was super right on!
We’re going to miss this place!



Weekends are for Wide Brimmed Fedoras and Mimosas

First of all, I wanted to tell you guys something. THANK GOD for allergy medicine! I have not taken allergy meds for two years because I was pregnant and nursing, so being able to take some again is just revolutionary! I feel like I can function as a human being all over again.

R is away traveling for work and this time he is gone for 10 days. The first couple of days after he leaves is always okay but I am missing him a lot right now because we haven’t been able to talk to each other as much on the phone since he is 6 hours ahead of me. Oh well, can’t wait to see him next week!

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White Billowy Top & Black White Shorts | Spring Style

You guys!

Seriously, I cannot stand Spring! I always have the worst allergies but I really want to spend time outside; It’s been absolutely gorgeous!

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Green Lace-Up xx Fringed Booties

Hi Loves,

It feels like a Tuesday today since I worked from home yesterday¬†because my mom was ill on Monday so she couldn’t take care of the baby. Funnily enough, if you follow me on Instagram, you can see that my brain was totally out of whack when I posted a #mcm post on a Tuesday. But anyways, as always, I find myself scrolling through my camera roll to see pictures taken from the weekend and I came across these ¬†that I am sharing with you all today.

On Saturday, Macy’s had a one day sale and we checked it out at the mall to see if we could take advantage of it. I scored some really cute pants and boots that I am dying to wear when the weather gets a little colder (Thanks babe). I also managed to snag some beauty products from Sephora as well, which I plan on sharing with you all ¬†in the next couple of days. I realized I haven’t updated my beauty category in a while because I have been overloaded with things, ¬†but I just came up with a new posting schedule, which will help me prioritize my posts going forward and hopefully something I can adhere to.

Anyways, on Sunday, we had to go back to the mall because I accidentally grabbed the wrong size pants from Saturday and R suggested to play a little game with me. Basically, it was decided that he would pick out my outfit for the day and his argument was that he never gets to see me as much during the week and he hasn’t seen me in some of the stuff that he got for me, in a while. Also maybe because I’ve been super plain Jane-ing it with my pregnancy and now struggling with my postpartum figure. But anyhoos, this is what he picked out!

This cutest green dress is from Forever 21 (link here) and I actually bought this some time last month, and am finally wearing it a month later. It was such a steal for only $14.90. Only downside to  this is that it is cumbersome to breastfeed for all you breastfeeding mamas out there. I had to nurse my baby in the car before we shopped around in the mall and once again at the restaurant before our early dinner.

The booties were actually purchased about almost a year ago now (damn!) – I remember getting these and then it got cold or I got too pregnant – either way, I am glad I can wear them again now. They are from the Carlos Santana shoe line at Macy’s (link here) and they were $89. Everything else are items that belong to me and R (scarf is his)… and that I wear all the time. I think R did amazing on his choice – as he always does- I owe him a lot for getting me to step -out of my comfort zone because I miss mixing cute outfits like this together. I have seriously battled with the loss of creativity especially when I haven’t shopped in the “non-maternity” section for a while. Thank god I don’t have mom jeans though. The day I wear one is the day I will kill this blog for good. LOL.


So, back to our Sunday – It was such a beautiful day; not too hot, not too cold. I know I keep talking about the beautiful weather we’ve been getting here down in the South – I just cannot get enough of it!

Other than that, R & I are all about “creating traditions” together now. Our first is what we call, Family Friday Fellini’s where we go to Fellini’s for pizza night on Friday evenings. We also decorated our house in Halloween decor after I picked up a couple of little pumpkins at Publix one night. Turns out R had a boxful of decorative items that are now adorning our humble abode. Another tradition that we seem to have now too is Sunda dinners at ¬†El Felix in the Avalon, although R will beg to differ because we shouldn’t eat out as much as we do. =P Their Pollo Verde Enchilada is everything you guys. Love, love it! I think Alden enjoyed his weekend too. Check out those cheeks.

Now, is the week almost over yet?!

P.S: He has now explored his feet and is ALL about them. Too darn cute!



Peep Toe Booties & Burgundy Tights

Hi Loves,

So, as I mentioned previously, Ryan buys all my shoes for me. Not just pay for them, but he chooses them for me too. He has such a great eye and his selections have been on point every single time. I am wearing these peep toe booties by Steve Madden (link here) that he bought from DSW. We LOVE DSW – Great place, great shoes & great value.

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Choker xx Loafers

So, a friend of mine inspired me to try the choker trend that is widespread these days and I’m glad that she did! She has this classic black choker that I love (and now own) so I decided to feature that in my post today.

We are allowed to dress business casual to work, which to me is a very tricky term because I feel like people always mess up the fine line that draws business from casual. I still think that you can show your personality in your work wear, but a lot of things need to be considered.

Nothing flashy in my work attire today. Just a pair of plaid crops from Loft (non-plaid version here), my favorite black Portofino dress shirt by Express, Black Slip Ons by Zara (Similar here and here) and Choker by Aldo.

For good measure, I always bring a black blazer with me to work too – for that unexpected meetings that might mean a lot more business than usual.

With this type of look, I kept my hair in a ponytail, because I find it to be distracting with my hair down sometimes, and I left my makeup as minimal as possible. I’m wearing my favorite nude lip from Too Faced Melted Lipwear line (Wearing Melted Sugar).

I also love my new work bag that I carry with me everyday of the week now. I can keep my laptop, notepad and my personal essentials like wallet, body spray, keys, glasses, conveniently in it. I purchased this tote before I returned back to work from American Eagle Outfitters.

I am obsessed with these shoes РThanks to my fiancé for buying them for me. All of my shoes are actually credited to him. He has such a great eye and he always pick them out for me believe it or not. I like shoes that cover my toes at work because open-toed shoes are a little too casual to my liking. Plus, they make my toes freeze! But, I do like peep-toe wedges or pumps for work too, just not an overall open shoe type of person like sandals. A big no no in my books!

Hope you enjoyed this look.

P.S: My new iPhone 7 camera is fire! Photos by my mom.


Green Bomber Jacket

Hi loves,

I think I mentioned in another post how glad I am that my postpartum journey is going great so far. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, and getting down by two more pounds is usually the hardest – but I am not really chasing the number. I want to start working out again to transform my body and my plan is to start doing that once I start work, which is next week.

I wanted to share an outfit I wore the other day and you’ve probably already seen this jacket on me too but not in this combo. I LOVE this jacket! R bought it for me from H&M. ¬†I told myself that I need more cute outerwear pieces because they’re super cool and they elevate your look to the next level.

If you notice, my outfit is actually super casual. All I have on is a pair of blue jeans and a spaghetti strap tank top – but this jacket made this outfit of mine look finished. If I hadn’t worn it together, I’d probably wear a scarf instead.

For accessories, I wore my trusted (and old) Tory Burch sandals in blue & my navy blue Marc Jacobs purse. I actually purchased these sandals at a discount from Nordstrom. I believe the popular colors are like more than $100 (actually found a pair on Nordstrom for $150 here) a pair but these were on sale for $90. Also, believe it or not but they are not that very comfortable. See..never trust the price tag.

Anyways.. If you see a jacket or shoes that you like, just grab them. You’d never know what you have in the closet that could turn it into an awesome outfit.



Polish it Off with Sinful Colors

Hi Ladies,

How cool is this new polish of mine? I swear I find inspiration and things off Instagram these days – who doesn’t, right? – and Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her collaboration with Sinful Colors. So, I decided to try it out because they looked pretty cool.

I remember buying a bottle of polish from this brand like 10 years ago and I remember two things from it: cheap & low quality. So, naturally, I did not buy it again. However, since this line is still around and KJ is willing to do a collaboration with them, I figured it is newly improved.

I went to a Walgreens and I picked up 3 new shades for $2.99 each. 1 of them was from the Kylie Jenner line and two from their standard line.

Here are the colors I picked out! 

My finger nails are in dire need of fresh new colors, so I gave myself a mani last night. I like the finished look especially once I polished it off with my trusted top coat by Sephora. I wrote another post about it here. I think SC has upped it’s reputation from being the low quality/cheap polish brand to a sub par polish brand. I encourage you guys to try it out especially if you are like me and want to try all crazy funky colors but want to save a penny or two. 


Muscle Tee

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share with you some pics of me in my favorite new tee from Target! I love it so much that I wear it at least once a week. It’s just a white top with Storm Troopers on it ūüôā I just had to spread the Star Wars love.

I am really happy that I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! The only thing I need to work on is getting back in shape. I have zero muscles now and I look so lumpy! I’ve been looking to go back to doing kickboxing but how do I manage with an infant?! I think I can squeeze a workout in between Alden’s naps but his schedule is so irregular and I start work again on Monday.


I keep telling myself to not take fitting room photos but I always do! I really need to invest in a tripod because I love sharing my outfits with you all but unfortunately, the setup I have now take some time to really get it going. So, hope you like my amateur photos. ūüôā

Muscle Tee from Target / Express Jeans / Call it Spring Sandals / Alex & Ani Bangles