Dressing the Bump

Hi Loves,

I know I’ve been seriously delayed on all these posts seeing that I am 5 weeks down to delivering baby A, but still, I would like to share some outfits I have spotted in my pregnancy thus far.


On my baby registry run at Target in a H&M top, black leggings & Zara booties


My Georgia peach and I taking a stroll on the Beltline. Zara dress & Target sandals.

I didn’t really start showing until I was 18 weeks and even then, there were some clothes and colors that will make my bump disappear when I wear them. I found it so hard to dress my bump because most of the clothes I wore pre-pregnancy were black, black and more black.


Work wear: Dress-Up top, Forever 21 coverup, Gap Maternity pants, Zara loafers


Weekend wear: Gap Maternity pants, Call it Spring Sandals, Tank, H&M Bomber Jacket

Thanks to my sweet love,  he was ever so kind to take me out shopping and bought a lot of new clothes for me. I am now 8.5 months but I can still wear a lot of my normal clothes which is awesome. The only thing I cannot wear are my old jeans, shorts, pants etc.. basically all bottom pieces. I now have transitioned to wearing elastic waist band stuff and I love it!


On business travel: Same Gap maternity pants, Call it spring sandals, H&M Top & Coverup, Papaya Necklace


Weekend Wear: Old Forever 21 dress & Call It spring Sandals, Marc Jacobs bag, Urban Outfitters Glasses

Some stores I love that carry maternity items are Gap, Target & H&M. I wish I had known about H&M sooner because not only do they have cute mama styles, baby clothes are adorbs as well. However, don’t go on a shopping spree when buying maternity clothes because you will change so much week by week. Maternity clothes can be pricey too, so the only thing I splurged on were my bottom pieces. For tops, I buy a few sizes bigger in the hopes I can wear them again post pregnancy.


Party wear: Forever 21 dress, Nine West Heels, Marc Jacobs Bag, UO Aviators. Also fresh blowout by Drybar.


Workwear: Target Liz Lange Maternity Dress

Anyways, the BIGGEST challenge for me is finding clothes to wear to work. I am definitely bigger now and I am having a hard time finding tops to wear because they are appearing too short, thanks to my ever growing belly. On weekends, I normally dress in maxi dresses or wear tank tops with cute light jacket and I pair it with leggings or my stretchy pants.


Party Wear: Guess dress. I LOVE this dress.


Workwear: Target Merona top, H&M Coverup, Warby Parker glasses.


Workwear: Zara turtleneck top, Gap Maternity jeans, Forever 21 Kimono

I was wearing booties up till I was 6 months pregnant and the ones I wear are Sperry’s & Tom’s because they are really comfortable, so much I can run in them j/k. I only wear sandals and flats now. My poor feet hurts.I am currently looking to purchase a new pair of sneakers because I need additional support. Also I think it’ll help me when baby A gets here.


Workwear: Zara puffer jacket, Black long sleeved top, Forever 21 skirt, Black leggings


Weekend Wear: Dress-up top, Black leggings, Sperry Booties, Tory Burch purse, H&M Aviators


Party Wear: Valentines Dinner with R. Guess dress.

Anyways, although I am so done and excited to meet him, I am going to miss being pregnant so much! My baby is moving so much in my belly now..maybe he likes the shepherd’s pie  I just fed him. Till next time!


Workwear: H&M Dress, Grey sweater & tights


Work wear: Target top & skirt, Floral kimono


Weekend wear: Gap Maternity Jeans, H&M basic tee, floral kimono & Target fedora

Sephora Formula X Top Coat

You guys,

I have been doing my nails at home a lot lately because I don’t use gel polish and because of that, my nails chip pretty easily. If I were to go to the nail salon each time to touch up, I would be broke by now. I still go from time to time for my pedicures just so that I can get a good scrub and a nice clean underneath and inside my toes but I hate it when the technicians cut way too much of the cuticle off, so I try to avoid going there for manicures.

With that said, I’d like to share you one of the best beauty secrets that you should all know and it is the Formula X Top Coat by Sephora! It is by far, the best top coat available out there because it keeps your nails shiny (salon grade style) and it makes your manicures last longer. Best of all, it only costs USD $10.50. Yep, can’t beat that. Let me know what you all think.


Tweezerman Neon Nail File, Bikini So Teeny by Essie Polish & Formula X by Sephora Top Coat.


So, This Happened..

Hi Loves,

Can you believe that it is now March?! I know I can’t! Feel like time is moving so fast! I know I have also been slacking in the blogging department and I do apologize for that because I enjoy blogging but sometimes, I don’t know what to write about and I know, that’s just a really lame excuse, but I have been very busy and exhausted lately to the point of neglecting this little blog of mine. Sorry folks!

Since it will be a little difficult to give you an exact play by play on what has been happening in my life lately, I really would like to share just one big awesome news that I haven’t yet shared, and that is my recent engagement.

Prior to being engaged, I was very private person when it comes to talking about who I date because I used to be that girl who shares everything on social media. When my last serious relationship failed and with people being as nosy as they normally are, they started asking me questions and it was just so exhausting having had to answer so many questions. So..I made an executive decision to not share any detailed information online out of fear that it will bite me in the butt – again.

However, now that we have announced everything and because my passion for writing and journaling still continues, I’d like to keep sharing with you bits & pieces of my life because I love doing it and I won’t stop. I know that my writing may not be as impactful to many of you, but I hope that it is to some. Cheers if you are still reading and thank you so much for being loyal and supportive throughout all these years.

So, if you’d like to know how I met the fiance, head on over here to read the story.

The Proposal.

Forefront Note:

From the first time meeting R, it was instant chemistry for me. When we started talking and dating, things progressed always for the better and I could not have been happier with the way it panned out. The number one thing that drew me to R was that he was not afraid to communicate with me and that’s exactly what we did in the early stages of our relationship; we talked a lot. We covered everything and anything most couples fight and argue about in the span of a week. This is one of the reasons why I love him. He is not the type of guy to beat around the bush; he gets straight to the point. I needed that sort of balance in my life because believe it or not, I am actually a very unstructured person. Also, as soon as we started dating, we were inseparable. We spent a lot of time together and if we weren’t together, we would spend hours talking on the phone. I was smitten and so in love with him and honestly, I never knew I could be in love again but I am. 🙂

How He Asked

He proposed to me on a Monday night on 12/28th. We were both on a staycation here in Atlanta for the holidays which was nice and relaxing. A week before that, he told me to make sure I have nothing planned for the 28th. I thought we had plans to go to dinner with his friends or had a party to go to, so that didn’t really click because he usually tells me a time & date but not really the reason until the day of. Monday came around and still he didn’t mention what our plans were. We went to the gym in the morning and I came back home throwing up because I worked out on an empty stomach. He was so grouchy because he said it was my fault for not feeding myself before heading to the gym. Anyways, we kinda did our own thing after the gym. He went out to run errands and I stayed home and cooked us a meal. We ended up watching the Steve Harvey show and back to back episodes of Judge Judy in the afternoon. Then, it started to rain outside and I still had one more errand to run which was to get my eyebrows threaded but I was starting to get too comfortable on the couch and got lazy . R forced me to go and get it done because we had plans and I was told to be home by 6 PM.

                                                         This is me after I threw up. Haha

I left a little bit late because all of a sudden, I wanted to wear some makeup and look presentable. I also semi-did my hair though it didn’t turn out that perfect because I was racing against time. It was 5 PM. I headed out to the threading salon and soon as I stepped in, that place was a ZOO. I had to take a number to be attended to and this never happens! So, I grabbed a number and sat down waiting for what seemed like forever. It was 6 PM. I got a text from R saying, “Where are you?”. I quickly dialed his number and asked if I were supposed to be home and he said, “Yes, Azieza…..”. LOL. So, without wasting another second, I rushed home. This time it was pouring outside.
When I got to the door, I tried to turn the knob but it was locked, so he came to let me in. I was greeted by a bouquet of red roses. I was so surprised because they were beautiful and I wasn’t expecting them and sweet surprises were the best. I also felt bad because I was late. Then, I saw R going to the kitchen to make himself a drink  and I quickly ran to the bathroom to fix my face. I still had no clue where we were going but he said it was just a casual date so I didn’t have to get dressed up. We left the house and got to his car. Soon as I got in, there was another surprise. He left a cupcake box on the passenger seat and I picked it up and asked him, “Is this yours?” and he responded, “Oh my gosh, Azieza. It is yours. You are so ungrateful.” Hahaha. Writing this out makes me smile all over again. I was then really feeling all mushy inside and said “Aw, babe. Thank you so much. You’re so sweet” (FYI – He got me a tiramisu flavored cake because he knows how much I love tiramisu. So, he gets bonus points for that!)


                                                                              Roses & A Cupcake

It was still raining outside and we drove to Buckhead and got lost for a little bit while trying to find this place. By this time, I have fully surrendered myself to him knowing that he has a plan, so I rolled along with it. R pulled up to a pottery making place and I got really excited because I have been asking him if we could go and do something crafty like that together. The place was empty when we stepped in; It was just us and the lady who works there. She showed us to our table which was nicely lined with a table cloth, and after we picked out our pieces, we settled in and started painting. R picked out a teddy bear figurine and I thought that it was really cute idea that he picked out something for little mushi. I copied him and picked something out for the nursery as well. While we were painting, I was just reveling in the moment thinking of how lucky I am to be sharing this wonderful journey with a man like R. At this point, I was certain he planned this out for us to bond over the child we are having together and I could not have been happier. He was very quiet but would still speak up from time to time, which was a little weird now that I think of it because R never stops talking. Sorry babe! =)

..This is taking longer than I thought it would but we are getting close to the finish..

After we were both done with painting, I started cleaning up and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I was in there for quite a while because the paint was tough to remove and R wasn’t quite done yet with his piece, so I knew we had some time before they closed. By the time I got out of the bathroom, he was already done and was standing by our table taking pictures of our masterpiece . Then he saw me, and I said to him “Wait, I want to take pictures too.” He then took a selfie of the both of us and we were both just snapping away. So, me being quite the Instagrammaholic, I went ahead and arranged our pieces in an artsy way so that it looks presentable for Instagram. I moved my plate, and then picked up his teddy bear, and that’s when I saw something sparkly that resembled a ring sitting daintily on the table. Immediately,


I turned to him, who happened to be standing on my right but this time he wasn’t standing anymore, he was on his knees. He grabbed my hand, and he looked at me and said, “Azieza, will you please be mine forever.” I was still so stunned and so surprised and was just beyond happy that I froze.. I  could not even say not a damn word. I hugged him and kissed him like a multitude of times and I think I was nodding my head so much, that he had to ask me another question, “So, was that a yes?” I pulled away from hugging him and looked at him in the eyes and said that one word. “Yes”.

I was in a daze the remainder  of the night. R took me to the restaurant we first went to on a date and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I knew that he was the one and I was just amazed at how he managed to surprise me and make me feel truly loved and special all over again. He is so perfect. I love this guy within the deepest depths of my heart. I texted my mom and sister and they were all excited for me and then after we got home, I updated my Facebook status to “Engaged”.

A Few Hours Into Being Someone’s Fiancee..

R & I spoke about how he planned everything for the proposal but how I kept interrupting or ruining his plans. Haha.He actually rented out the entire art studio so that made sense why it was empty. Also, the lady was super nervous which also made sense because she was very cautious of the things she said and she was very attentive to us.R picked out the most beautiful ring for me. It was everything I ever wanted. I pinned a few pics of the type of ring I like on my Dream Wedding board on Pinterest, and he found one exactly like it. He put a lot of thought into the planning which was really thoughtful of him. Why the 28th? It was because this is our anniversary. I didn’t actually come to realization on that one until a  few weeks after getting engaged. =)

When Is The Wedding?

This is the one question we get asked a lot now that we are engaged. We haven’t started planning the wedding yet because we have so many things going on this year, house & baby. I think we’re going to start planning for a wedding next year. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.


Looking back at all of the years I went through chasing the wrong guys, crying over multiple heartbreaks in my quest for true love, I wouldn’t have traded that for anything at all. R & I had different experiences and memories we’ve made separately in the past that made us who we are today. I know that I never gave up and I never stopped hoping for my happily ever after and now that I have found it, I will cherish it forever.

Babe if you are reading this, I wanted to tell you how blessed I am to have you in my life. I know that sometimes I don’t show you how much you mean to me but it is because I never knew how to do it. I’d like to thank you for teaching me how to love because you do it so well. I love you as much as I love food and you know how much I love food. We are an awesome team and I can’t wait for a beautiful and everlasting marriage with you. Thank you for choosing me as your life partner. I heart you.

Thanks for reading my longest post to date. Till next time! Can’t wait to go home to tell my fiance how much I love him again.








2015 Family Reunion : Albany, NY

Hi loves,

It’s time for another travel update on this humble little blog of mine!

Early June, my family and I trekked up the Southern region of North America to upstate New York for our family reunion. When I say trek, I really meant one thing; a road trip! The drive from Atlanta to Albany was a total of 17 hours, not including our refueling stops (food & gas both), so you can safely say we were in the car for an umpteenth number of hours! However, it was a lot of fun! On our way up, we drove past some incredible views along the countryside of numerous states, with Pennsylvania being the furthest we drove through! Man, was that state huge our what? We left Atlanta around 7 AM and reached Albany close to midnight that very same day. My sister’s kids were SO great in the car. The little 2.5 year old actually only started getting cranky 45 miles out to our destination. Who wouldn’t? I was getting cranky myself!

We were in Albany for a total of three nights. Going into the start of our vacation, I knew nothing about my grandma’s side of the family other than the things my grandma would tell me about them. She is really good at keeping tabs and sharing information and pictures to us to make sure we know her side of the family. For those of you who don’t know me, I grew up in Malaysia, where I spent most of my childhood & teenage years with my mother’s family. I am glad to be back in the states which is now my home to finally get to know my American roots. Meeting my extended family for the first time, was definitely eye opening. I met my late father’s aunts, uncles & cousins, and as much as I wished he was there, I know that he is happy that we get to meet and acquaint with his family. I miss you dad, SO much.

After breakfast on the first day, we just mingled and did our own thing during the day. My mom and I were craving for Asian food so badly that we made sure we find a Thai restaurant to offset the fast food we consumed on our crazy long journey. We made our way to downtown Albany and saw some really neat things but most importantly.. the food! After lunch, my immediate family and I met up at a park near the famous Hudson River. The kids played around in the park and the adults just hung around, played with the kids and caught up with one another. We headed back to our hotel late that afternoon as the weather started to get gloomy and helped with setting up our first family dinner together. Our hosts this year were my grandma’s brother’s family, who reside in this beautiful place. They were such amazing hosts; from making sure we had things to do and most importantly..all the food they fed us with! We played a couple rounds of games that evening and after the night was over, we retreated back to our rooms. Just kidding! The younger cousins (me included) went out to a bar next door and hung out even longer.







On our second day, we ventured up to Saratoga to the National State Spa Park. Why is it a “spa” do you ask? Well, this wonderful natural space has many geysers that shoot out carbonic  mineral water that is widely used by carbonated drink manufacturers to produce soda in the early 1900s which also include soda water which actually has a lot of health benefits to those of you who didn’t know and just natural spring mineral water that is great for your body. The water was COLD but of course I was the only crazy one that fully dipped in the water. It felt great! After we hiked, swam and played hopscotch & ball, we grilled (homemade) burgers in true American spirit 🙂


I really enjoyed being out there as I have a huge love for the outdoors, although I don’t  normally get to go out that much often in Georgia, out of fear of wild animals,well snakes really..but when I do get to be outdoors, I feel truly happy. It was the most unpretentious holiday I’ve had so far; it was perfect. A little side note but, throughout my entire trip, I wore zero makeup. After coming back from the vacation, one of my friends asked me what I did to my face because it cleared up so much. I told her I didn’t do anything but mother nature did all the work. Isn’t that amazing?

The next day, our family broke up into two different groups; one went hiking to a waterfall somewhere (obviously I wasn’t part of that group), and the other went to the pool. Farah, myself and the kids spent the day at the pool and mind you, we went to a public pool in a really nice suburban neighborhood. and we were surprised to see true Stepford Wives all around us. For one, my sister and I were the only ones in a 2 piece bathing suit and we were in the kiddy pool with so many young people with even younger kids only to realize after the whistle was blown, signifying “times-up”, that these were all nannies in the pool with the kids. All the mom’s sat on the edge of the pool or underneath a shade somewhere where their nannies took the kids back to them in simultaneous fashion after they have served enough time. Wow! All you Johns Creek/Alpharetta moms need to step it up.


After the pool, we went back to our hosts’ home and enjoyed our last dinner together and celebrated all the June birthdays that very evening and proceeded to taking group photos..you know.. one for the album! After getting back to the hotel, my dad’s cousin took my cousins and I to a bar in downtown Albany. She was wonderful! I am glad I get to hang out with her and although she is technically my dad’s cousin, she is not much older than me. Loved it.

On our way back the very next day, we stopped by NYC for lunch and then went to our friend’s home in Jersey City. Fuck NYC, why do you keep doing this to me? I love you! We left NYC and traffic was insane but we literally drove the entire night through. By the time we got to Georgia, the sun has risen and I kissed our driveway as we rolled back home. The drive up was fun, the drive down…not so much. SO, the one thing I take away is NO more freaking roadtrips! Lol. It was memorable for sure.. and atleast I get to tell these awesome stories to you guys.


That was my most recent vacation. I am really glad we met the trip up North and I cannot wait for the next time we all get together again in three years. I personally think that my sister and I should host one of these reunions soon in memory of my daddy. I am ever so thankful for him that I have this family. I don’t think I ever talk about my dad here on the blog. To many people, he may be bad..but to me he is my king. He is the best daddy to me in the world because in a way, he has taught me many things about myself; courage, strength,hope & love. I wish I can tell you what I, what we have gone through as a family, but I will save that for next time. I love you daddy and I miss you so much. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I hope you are proud of me and I want to tell the world that I am proud to be your daughter. Thank you for everything. I know you loved me.. I never doubted that you didn’t. I love you too..

Sorry for the emo-freak paragraph above. This was supposed to be about travel, but this is how I feel after it all. Count your blessings and show your loved ones how you feel for them (despite their flaws) because I am pretty sure they will like to hear it.. and it’ll make you feel great.

Hope y’all enjoyed this as I much as I enjoyed writing. Happy Labor Day!


Quick Weekend in Chicago

Earlier this month, I visited Chicago for work. The conference didn’t start until Monday, so I flew up there earlier to spend some time in the city and had such a grand time! The last time I visited Chicago, it was right smack in the middle of winter, therefore it was freezing cold! This time around, the weather was perfect and my friend’s place was right in downtown Chicago, so it was easy and convenient getting around to places. 


 I flew in on Saturday and we walked around the city all day and watched the Blackhawks game that night. Sunday was spent hitting up a Flywheel class and walking around some more – solo. It was great.



   I met up with a coworker on Monday and we did store walks in the big box retail stores in Viagra triangle lol. The weather was super shitty that day, so getting around was frustrating. My coworker took me to a studio party in the West Loop. It was pretty dope.   

All day Tuesday was spent walking around a merchandise mart for the conference. I haven’t walked so much like that in a while. Saw some really neat things at the show.   

 Sigh.. I loved Chicago. When will I ever get to be a part of a big city like that? One day!    



Black White Shift Dress & Leather Suede Booties

Calling all fans of Zara! They are having a mega sale right now in-stores & online!

It would be foolish of me not to take part of it, so I came home with several new items of clothing, because why? Well, because I deserve it!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Glad I found this perfect striped dress for work. It’s been so hot these days that wearing dresses is essential to cooling off in the heat. Also, I’ve been dying to buy a pair of flat leather boots because I just like the way they look. They’re the best accessory to take your simple outfit a little to the edgy side. I also think they are perfect to wear to work since it’s close toed (I feel weird showing toes in the office), and these flat soles will keep your feet happy all day.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I loved this look a lot. I would consider myself a minimalist because I stick to a lot of solids and low permission patterns & colors in my outfits. I have been trying a little more bright colors which I personally do love, but I still find myself buying monochromatic pieces for my wardrobe. Yikes!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Anyways, if you haven’t gone to Zara yet, please go. 50% off y’all! I can’t wait to share my other new stuff in my future posts.