Makeup As Seen On Instagram – Is It Worth The Hype?

Okay, so I am by no means an expert at makeup but it has been quite a while since I jumped on the Instagram/Youtube bandwagon on current makeup trends. I have seen these products being promoted like crazy on Instagram and I am not going to lie, they have definitely enticed and influenced me into trying these products out for myself.

Now that I am 30 (GASP) years old, I am finding my way into the minimal less-is-more makeup look. I am actually not loving the crazy made-up makeup looks on Instagram and although the videos are fun to watch, I have come across some ladies IRL who wear too much makeup, and they just do not do it for me. I do still love the contour, and the highlight and the shimmer, but I am not big in the colored eye makeup trend anymore. Not that I hate it; I am just not in that phase particularly because I have lost touch on applying colored shadows and I just don’t have the time.

The kind of look I am into these days is, as mentioned above, the natural, less-is-more, glowy look. I still love my colored lipsticks, but you will rarely find me in colored shadow because I just don’t have the time for it. So, with that in mind, last weekend at Sephora, I went hunting for makeup products to achieve that glowy /glossy trend all over the internet. Stick around below to see what I like and what I feel is meh and not worth the money.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir – Sephora $54 (Doubles as skincare)

I went to two different Sephoras to find the rose gold elixir and when I found it, I was beyond excited. I have watched so many videos on this product by many makeup gurus and so far, it has a pretty good rep. I contemplated on buying this or the Unicorn Essence because the latter is actually the more popular product, but in the end, I  am glad I got the Rose Gold elixir because it better fit my needs.

I am still learning ways on how to use this product but so far, I have used it just as a face oil for night times (skip moisturizer), and my skin literally sucks this up! Now, I use it with my foundation so I get that dewy, glowy look, and it just feels more amazing. You can also use it after your moisturizer as a primer for your makeup. This product does not have a sticky formula, it has an a-ok scent (almost citrusy) and it has real 14k gold specks in it, which actually is not gimmicky, but serves a purpose as well.

The product is expensive but I think that it can go a long way, and definitely worth the money. So, yes I recommend you to try it out!

If i were asked to change one thing about it, is to adjust the scent. It’s not overpowering but it does linger on and I am just not a fan of that especially if you use it on its own. If you mix it in with a foundation however, it does go away.

Did you know? Farsali beauty (pronounced FAR-SAH-LI), is a makeup company that was founded by a guy named Sal Ali who developed this product and company after his wife, Farah Dhukai. Farah is a very popular beauty Youtuber (whom actually I never knew about), and he dedicated this product and company to her, because this is such a passion of hers and he himself came from a product development/brand management background. Ain’t that both sweet & smart?

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Setting Powder – Sephora $30

I wanted to get a setting powder for my makeup because as I mentioned earlier, I am a fan of contour and highlight in my makeup routine, and setting is key in finishing the look. However, I came into the store intending to buy a product to bake my concealer, and I think this powder is not meant for that (Told you I am not that great with makeup). I’ll have to remember for next time that if I want to bake my makeup I need to get a looser formula because this is in a compact-like type of product. It is somewhat dusty, but it doesn’t give me the powder effect I was looking for. Maybe I need to watch videos on how to use this product properly, to get better ideas.

This powder came with a brush which was nice and I really loved the packaging. The reason why and how I ended up getting this is because I wanted to get something from the brand Tarte. Instead of getting the famous concealer, I decided to get something else because I hate it when things are advertised so much – Makes me wonder the validity of the product, or are people just buying it because everyone is?

Do I recommend? Neutral. It is alright and does serve it’s purpose but if you’re looking to bake, this won’t really do it for you. I think the price is pretty steep too.

Random point not related to Tarte – I am not a fan of KatVonD; Not because she doesn’t have a great product line but because I personally don’t support her lifestyle. I think that the whole goth/satanism thing that she has going on with her husband is very, very, creepy. Just my honest opinion and nothing else. Anyone else feels this way?

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick – Sephora $25

On the quest to perfecting my contour game, I wanted to get a cream stick for my contour since I normally only use powders. I got the Fenty Beauty Match Stix in the color Mocha, and so far I like it. I think the product is great, it doesn’t wear off and this product comes in so many different shades, but I am not happy with my contouring technique – Which I know, totally unrelated to the product.

I normally use my beauty sponge to blend it out, and it does blend but I feel like I am rubbing it off too much because then it comes out looking very faint (color). I want a deep contour but I don’t know how to achieve it just yet, so yeah I am a little frustrated. Well, time to watch more videos.

Do I recommend? Yes. The price is right, and it has such a nice usability experience. The formula is dewy and non-sticky, and it comes in many shades. Even though I can’t seem to get the deep contour that I want, it is not this product’s fault; More so mine because I can’t seem to perfect my technique. I just have to keep on practicing!

Did you know? This product has 90k loves on Fenty Beauty products are environmentally friendly & conscious. They do not test on animals, are vegan, paraben free and come on, it’s Rihanna’s baby! More reasons to love. My favorite GRWM video of Rihanna courtesy of Vogue, showing her 10 minute makeup routine. She is gorge!

Milk Makeup Face Gloss – Sephora $20

I’ll admit, this was an impulse buy but I have 100% zero remorse for this product. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of a product to help me achieve that all around gloss without looking metallic. I think this product is so underrated, but it really deserves to be in a class of it’s own.

The gloss that I get from this product is exactly what I wanted in a “wet makeup” look. Most highlighters do give you that glow but for the most part, they look more metallic instead of dewy. Even though there’s some level of stickiness to the formula, it is not thick and gloopy, but instead it rubs into your skin very well.

This product is not meant to be worn with an all-over foundation look, because it is meant for the natural make-up free face. I would recommend applying it on places you would put your highlighter and by using a finger. A tiny amount goes a long way. One other thing I recommend is to wear your hair away or up from your face because it is just like lip gloss, when the wind blows, your hair can get stuck onto your face.

Do I recommend? 100% Yes. You guys, I love this thing. I use it all over my eyelids, on my cheeks, and even on my lips. So, so, glossy!

Milk makeup is also cruelty-free, vegan & paraben free. It’s a cool company with products for cool people. Simple makeup indeed.

Glossier Boy Brow Clear – $20

Story time.. I so wanted to love this product but sadly, I do not. It was very underwhelming and I think it only works for people with already big and bushy eyebrows. People with sparse eyebrows buy the tinted gels, but somehow theirs look way better than mine. I am not sure why.

The formula is pretty good. Unlike gel brows, which most of the time feel like gel, this feels more like a wax. It is very lightweight, which is nice because it doesn’t feel like you didn’t apply anything to your brows, it applies white but dries clear, but, it did not do anything for me at all. Sad face.

Do I recommend? Neutral. It only works with big bushy eyebrows and fine hair brows (not coarse like mine) and it is a product that is super hyped but not all that, according to me. You guys should try it out though.

Glossier Lip Gloss $10

I am a 200% a lip girl. I have so many lipsticks and lipglosses and I just keep buying them. So, I bought this lipgloss from Glossier because what did I say? I am super into this glossy makeup trend. Another reason why I got it is so that i get free shipping if I spend $30 (good marketing, Glossier). I actually think this product is OK.

I tried Milk Makeup’s face gloss on my lips and felt like I had a more glossy effect, but this one does it too. Applying this on the lips is more suitable because it does come with an applicator.

You can use this gloss over your lipstick but if you are like me, you can wear on it’s own because again, the no-makeup makeup look.

Beautycounter TintSkin Hydrating Foundation – $42

I came across this brand through two people; First, one of my friends who is a consultant and second, through one of my favorite Atlanta-based bloggers, Brittany of Loverly Grey (who also is a consultant). This brand is creating a new line of makeup that are not only cruelty-free, but without the use of harsh chemicals that are actually in a lot of makeup ingredients these days; Responsible makeup.

I told my friend that I am in this minimal makeup phase right now as I am investing a lot more money into skincare and upkeep, and I wanted to preserve everything I’ve done so far with a lot less makeup. I don’t have a lightweight foundation because if you know me, your girl is always into heavy foundation because she is not comfortable in her own skin.

With that, my friend recommended I try the hydrating tint skin foundation and I fell in love. It is lightweight and it does a great job at evening out my skintone without feeling cakey. It is now my perfect weekday foundation!

Do I recommend? YES. The price tag is pretty steep, but it is such a good product. I am curious to try more items in their product line in the future.

Beautycounter  Precision Liquid Eyeliner – $28

Have you guys ever had an experience with wearing liquid eyeliner only to find it stinging you after applying? My eye area is very sensitive so when my friend let me try their eyeliner, I was impressed. I love the small tiny precise applicator. It’s all I need to get that wing right.

Do I recommend? Why not? It’s responsible makeup, it’s beautiful and I also get to help my friend’s business!

I told you this was a big haul. If I had to pick the things I absolutely love, it’ll be the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, the Milk Makeup Face Gloss, Glossier Lip Gloss & Beautycounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation.

Hope you enjoyed this post!