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NYTM’S FIRST WORK-SERIES (November) — New posts every Sunday (Starting 11/11)

This is going to be my first blog-series for you working mamas. Have you ever woken up one morning and scrambled at trying to find a nice outfit for work? You grab an outfit that is fool-proof and comfortable but when you get to work, you realize you could do better? Wait, that’s me too. I have always wished there is a blog I can go to that gives me ideas on what I should wear. For instance, here are 5 looks to cover your Monday – Friday outfits. I will also be sharing my secrets to looking and feeling great, from hair ideas to grooming tips… So you can have it all. Or at least, some. 😉 Stay tuned for my five posts in this work-series, written and curated with one mission in mind, to help you be a not your typical motha too.


Fashion, Makeup, Shopping // Every Wednesday

Fashion for the weekend // Every Friday